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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful 55

Alex and I took advantage of yesterday’s 55 degree weather and went for our first jog together.  We just walked/jogged the neighborhood, but we very much enjoyed breaking in the new stroller.  Alex seemed to be comfortable and enjoy getting outside.  As for me, I was very happy.  I think that it might be a little more difficult to jog while holding onto a stroller.  For one, when I run on the treadmill, I don’t hold on to anything, so it is a change in form and I had to be aware of not leaning into the stroller.  It didn’t seem to really affect anything though, and I was just happy to be outside with my girl.  For the record, one trip around our block is just over a quarter of a mile.  Seven times around is exactly 2 miles.  Exactly, driveway to driveway.  So, we got in 2 miles yesterday and then Alex laid in the living room floor with me while I stretched.  It was funny because I had put her on the couch, but she wiggled down and smiled at me as she held onto her leg like I was doing.  Well, I can’t stretch like she can stretch, but you get the idea. 

The stroller did wonderful and the big wheels made a big difference in the ride.  It handles bumps so much better than the wheel chair ever did.  I was very pleased.  The only bad news is that we are expecting rain today, snow tonight and tomorrow and temps in the 30s for the rest of the week.  I won’t be taking Alex out in that, so the stroller will get a little break before warmer weather rolls in. 

I would really like to take her to the mall and just walk around, but I realize that is it still February and cold & flu season is not over.  I don’t want to jump the gun and expose her to anything after we have made it this far without sickness. 

The new medication wasn’t impressing me at all, so I sent Dr. L an email yesterday afternoon.  I have his cell number, but I don’t like to use it.  Even so, every time I speak with him he reminds me that all I have to do it call him.  Any time of day.  So, about an hour after sending him an e mail, he called me.  He sort of got on to me (but not really) about paying for the new medication.  He promised to work on insurance to get it paid for.  I told him I didn’t think that it would do any good, but he disagreed and promised to at least try.  If insurance doesn’t change their minds then we will decide what other options to pursue.  He says that there are other options for medication that won’t cost us $200+ a month.  The question that I e mailed him about was how long this medication should take to work.  He said very quickly, as in an hour or two.  I told him I didn’t see it doing much good.  We moved things around a little bit and he told me to call him today to let him know.  Before we hung up he reminded me again that he will be expecting my call today.  I had told him that I hate to abuse his personal time and he assured me that I was not.  Apparently only we and two other patients have his personal number and he assured me that he wants me to just call him and not go through the hoops of the office to get in contact with him.  He’s a good man and I am thankful for not only his medical expertise, but also the genuine concern he has for Alex & our family. 

As much as we love Dr. L, it is still a bit stressful to have to deal with all the changes.  Every medication comes with a long list of warnings and I felt a twinge of the apprehension that I experienced several years ago when we first started medicating.  There is just something wrong about all of it.  If I took half of what Alex takes in a day then I would be unconscious for a week.  She obviously needs it and I do trust Dr. L to know what is appropriate for her very unique situation.  As always, her comfort is our ultimate priority and I am grateful for a professional who shares that with us.   

The last couple of years have created a trend of awfulness from January-March (health wise for the girls).  Dr. L is very much aware of this and I can sense his personal mission to make sure we get through this period. 

I spoke with Drew very briefly yesterday.  He called to let me know he arrived safely and then called last night.  International calls are $2 a minute and he doesn’t want to abuse his work phone.  I completely understand that.  We really aren’t much for talking on the phone anyway.  I just need to know he’s doing okay and that I can get in contact with him if need be.  Both of those things are true, so it’s all good.  We can also e mail and that doesn’t cost anything. 

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