"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Drew left early this morning before Alex and I were awake.  Boo.  Right about now he’s boarding the plane… Canada bound. We don’t want to take any chances on getting extra phone charges, so he will be turning off his personal cell. 

In preparation for his Canada trip, I made him watch the episode of The Office where Michael, Andy and Oscar make such a trip.  Thank you Netflix, for providing us with such entertainment.  Funny stuff. 

So far, I’m not impressed with Alex’s new medication.  It is really quite new, only coming to the US in 2011, so I can’t find much info on it.  Well, you can read the manufacturers info and a few other sites that pretty much say exactly the same things.  What I’m trying to figure out is if it takes a while to start working.  I think that it must, because it isn’t a medication that you just take once in a while, it is something that must be taken on a specific schedule with no missed doses.  I’m willing to give it a little while, but I’m not sold yet.  Yesterday was not a great day for Alex.  It best start working or I’m kicking this expensive medicine to the curb… with doctor approval, of course. 

I ran yesterday.  I couldn’t do my normal full pace, but it was better than just walking.  2.67 miles in 46 minutes.  The last 20 minutes were spent going a bit slower at an ever increasing incline.  It’s humorous when the treadmill seems to be standing up straight when you reach a 14 incline.  If Alex and I are going to do the Dogwood 5k here in Siloam at the end of April then I need to be sure I can handle any hills involved.  Strangely enough, the incline doesn’t bother my hip at all. 

My shoes are doing great.  In fact, I think that I may need to wear them more often than just in the gym.  My feet don’t hurt at all and that’s amazing.  I do think that my legs and hips are adjusting to this new found gait.  I can feel different muscles working and I like it.  I would very much recommend Fleet Feet in Fayetteville (there’s also one in Tulsa) or Rush Running (in Fayetteville or Bentonville) to anyone who spends much time walking or running.  It’s worth the investment and your feet will thank you. 

I am not so vain as to assume that anyone who starts exercising is doing so because of me, but I do like to think that sharing my journey is a bit encouraging.  Misty has been hitting the gym lately and yesterday Kyle joined!  Yeehaw!  John still goes to his gym several times a week and has gotten Alison to go a few times.  Yeah!  Christin & Derek have both been to Rush Running for proper footwear.  I know Christin is walking regularly now.  Wahoo!  Mom is still going to Curves and staying active.  Dottie is doing water aerobics a couple time a week and even signed up for two sessions with a personal trainer to help her reach her strength goals.  Sweet!  Pat & Alex, are you still going?  I haven’t talked to you in too long.  I’m so proud of everyone for getting up and getting moving.  You all rock! 

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