"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday already?

My days are getting away from me, but I’m pretty sure it is Wednesday. 

Sasha had an appointment to get her hair done here in Siloam yesterday.  Yes, Kendra is that great.  She’s worth driving a couple of hours for :-) With the threat of winter weather coming Monday night, I convinced Sasha to come on Monday afternoon.  Mom had planned to come sit with Alex & Tessa while Sasha and I went to the salon, so she came on over on Monday afternoon, too.  It turned into one big slumber party. 

Alex & Tessa were happy to see each other.  I didn’t capture it with my camera, but Tessa was giving Alex kisses.  It was so sweet. 

feb272013 004

A package from Big Pam arrived on Monday afternoon.  It was a tool to put sparkles on just about anything.  Talk about fun!  Alex was so excited to try it out.  I need to take photos of what we decorated, but this was Alex’s face.  That should tell you that we had fun. 

feb272013 012

There is much more sparkling to be done around here! 

Alex, Tessa & Sasha. 

feb272013 013

When it was finally bedtime we workout out the sleeping arrangements.  Mom stayed in the living room with Tessa and Sasha took Drew’s spot in my bed.  We were like a couple of teenagers having a sleep over.  We talked and giggled for an hour before we declared that we MUST go to sleep. 

On Tuesday morning we woke up to snow.  Mom filled a plate with snow so Alex and Tessa could play with it.  It was a huge it. 

feb272013 014

feb272013 016

feb272013 019

Believe it or not, I have no pictures of Sasha after her hair appointment.  I know, crazy camera lady fails again.  She felt beautiful and that is what going to the salon is all about.  Alex was worn out by the time everyone headed out on Tuesday afternoon.  We laid down for about an hour and then enjoyed a quiet evening together.  By the time 7:30 rolled around she was falling asleep in my lap, so I took her to bed.  That didn’t last long before she was crying.  I don’t let her cry at night because I don’t want her to get all snotty and stuffy.  Plus, she isn’t one to cry for no reason, so if she’s fussing then she needs something.  I brought her back into the living room, propped her on pillows and covered her up.  In 10 minutes she was fast asleep. 

feb272013 020

I decided to leave her there for a while and hung out in my office for the evening.  I’m working on a new song on my guitar, so I did that until my fingers hurt.  Then I turned on Netflix to give Downton Abby another try.  I had only watched the first episode last month and never gotten back around to it.  I laid in the floor and did ab exercises while I watched.  Well, guess what?  It took three episodes for me to get hooked.  It.  Just.  Got.  Good.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a British drama on PBS on Sunday evenings.  I’ve been hearing tons about it and now I know why.  I’m really enjoying it and by the end of the third episode I couldn’t help but want to stay up all night and keep watching.  I refrained though.  I decided to just put Alex in my bed for the night and we went to bed.  I laid in bed and read for a while and then I giggled out loud when I realized I was reading with a British accent!  Thanks Downton! 

I’m hoping for today to be relatively calm.  Having company and not her normal quiet routine has worn Alex out.  In fact, it might be time for a nap before long. 

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