"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 22, 2013


Note to self: when your thighs are on fire from squat exercises, don’t do those squats again just to show your husband that you can.  You thighs will scream. 

So, my thighs are on fire this morning.  Yes, the only possible solution to this is to sing Alicia Keys’ “This Girl Is On Fire” song.  THIS girl is on fire.  I’m going to run it out later today when Drew gets home. 

Drew was poking fun at my post yesterday on Kiss face, so I showed him my kiss face.  I expected him to make a joke about it, but he just laughed and said I have a cute tongue.  That’s love, y’all.  He thinks my Kiss face is cute. 

The other thing I’m looking forward to today?  Les Mis!  It comes out on DVD today and I’m totally going to buy it.  No question.  Either my husband is totally sacrificing or he’s just cool enough to appreciate an amazing musical.  I’m going for cool enough.  Note to any manly men out there: you do NOT have to cash in your man card to appreciate such beautiful art.  Confession: I think Drew really does like Les Mis, but he’s probably also counting on earning some brownie points for watching it and extra brownie points for liking it. 

Drew replaced the radiator in my truck last night.  He drove it to work today, just to give it a good run and make sure everything is okay.  His report?  There are no leaks and all is well!  Amen to that! 

Alex is full of spunk this morning.  She’s wiggling all over the floor, taking of her socks and being generally silly.  Of course she is as stiff as a board, but this morning she thinks it is funny when I try to rearrange her on the couch. 

I got Alex’s next neurology appointment scheduled today.  I was supposed to talk to Dr. LePichon’s nurse about it several weeks ago, but I’ve spent so much time talking directing to him that I haven’t spoken with his nurse.  Anyway, we have an appointment scheduled for June.  I hate that it conflicts with the Browers’ family gathering, but we have to take the appointment we can get and it’s important for Alex to see Dr. LePichon.  I’m hoping that Alex is feeling well enough at the time that we can make a mini vacation of it.  There’s an American Girl store in KC and I’d love to take Alex and maybe even catch a Royals game. 

If anyone is counting, my Florida vacation is barely 3 weeks away.  Bring it on!  I’m so excited for the sunshine, warm temperatures and time with just Drew. 

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