"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Day. Just a good day.

It is simply beautiful today.  68 degrees and sun shining.  Alex and I went jogging just before noon and I got in 2 miles in just under 30 minutes.  I think my official pace was 14:52 per mile.  I’m definitely not back to my under 13 minute/mile time, but my hip is no longer bothering me.  I’ll get back to where I was and then get even better.  I think I’m up to just over 46 miles for the year.  Today is the 63rd day of 2013, so I have a good distance to make up if I’m going to hit my 365 miles in 365 days.  I’m not worried over the numbers, which is unusual for me.  I know I can do it.  No matter, I’ve already run 46 more miles this year than I did last year and that’s awesome. 

Alex did great in her stroller.  Thank goodness it has a five point harness to hold her in or she would just slide right out.  As it is, the harness holds her in well and the recline of the seat allows her to lay back.  Since she’s so stiff and her back arches, the position of the stroller is great.  I don’t think the rest of the week will be as warm as today, but at least they aren’t calling for more snow or ice. 

The sunshine is really feeding my good mood.  It’s a drug for me.  Sunshine?  Good.  Exercise?  Good.  Just good. 

Dear God (and Drew),

We may live in Arkansas for the rest of my life and that is okay.  BUT, if life ever moves us away, please let it be south.  More sunshine and warmer temperatures could only super charge my mental health. 

Love, Mandy

I ran a few errands while Alex had therapy with Cheryl this afternoon and was reminded that I don’t have a pretend car of the week.  I think the new Ford Fusion cars look pretty cool, but I hesitate because I don’t know how well they will age.  You know that is important in an imaginary car of the week.  Ha ha.  A Volkswagen passed me on the road and I still really like the Jetta and Passat.  Even so, it is 68 degrees and I was driving with my window down to enjoy the fresh air.  The only logical conclusion to the search is… Mustang.  There really is no other option.  Today is a gorgeous, window down, look hot driving your Mustang kind of day.  Yep.  It’s settled.  This is my imaginary car of the week.  


Scratch that.  This car is worthy of imaginary car of forever.

In other news, Courtney made it to California last Friday.  She made excellent time on the trip and I’m sure she both excited and nervous to call Cali her home again.  She catching up with old friends and scheduling job interviews.  I’m wishing her all the best in this new chapter. 

Casey and Sasha also moved this weekend.  I can’t remember how much of that I’ve shared here, but they are buying into a dairy farm in Stockton, Missouri.  It is about an hour north of where they were in Monett.  I don’t know or understand all the details, but it sounds like a great opportunity for them.  I hear they have a lovely house on the farm and I think they are jumping right into the life of a dairy farming family. 

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