"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just Lovely

It’s simply lovely to have my little family at home together all weekend with no impending business travel for Drew.  Just lovely. 

I have a few photos on my camera that I haven’t posted, so let’s do that. 

Just because pictures of a sleeping Alex are precious…

march32013 001

Alex & Tessa

march32013 005

It looks like a head lock, but it’s actually a hug. 

march32013 008

Crazy Aunt Mandy got her hands on Tessa’s hair, which resulted in her first tiny pony tail. 

march32013 015

Check out Alex’s sassy sparkly skirt.  You can’t see it in this photo (because she’s 10 and hides her face from my camera), but her tank top has been sparkled with our crafty new tool. 

march32013 020

Something wonderful happened yesterday evening.  I was taking her clothes off to give her a shower and she pointed to her shirt.  I knew that she was telling me that she wanted to wear it again, so I assured her that I would wash it soon.  She smiled and said, “Sparklies on it.”  With her own mouth, in her very own sweet voice, she said those three words.  “Sparklies on it.”  Oh, how can three little words sound so sweet? 

Once I had her in the shower something struck me.  I yelled for Drew to come and I’m sure he thought something was wrong.  It wasn’t.  Something was good.  Her mouth was closed.  This never happens anymore.  Ever.  In the matter of five minutes she had said three words and then laid in her shower chair with her mouth closed.  Of course this didn’t last terribly long, but every little moment is special. 

Other stuff.  We spent yesterday piddling around the house, watching Razorback basketball on television and just being together.  I was unpacking and putting away some of Alex’s recently shipped feeding supplies.  I couldn’t help but take a photo of this.  It just seems so wasteful to put a tiny little feeding extension in a big box filled with packing. 

march32013 022

I mean, really.  It just seems ridiculous.  In the spirit of trying not to be as wasteful as the shipper has been, I broke down all the boxes to recycle.  I’m not great at recycling, but it seemed appropriate and I would like to get in the habit of it.  Does that count as an act of kindness or just being responsible? 

Speaking of kindness… Christin and I are going to do something kind together on our birthday. We have the same birthday, but you knew that already, right?  In case you didn’t, we will both turn 33 on April 7th.  That’s just one more way that we know we are actually sisters.  Now we have to figure out exactly what our random act of kindness together will be.  Oh, the possibilities. 

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