"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I’m up before Alex this morning.  I have a hot cup of coffee and the dogs are outside until she wakes up.  That leaves me and my computer. 

As I picked up this laptop it occurred to me that journaling, or in my case blogging, is really a form of reflection.  It clears my mind, expresses my feelings and, hopefully, is a witness to others.  Reflection.  What a cool word.  It can be used in different ways, but are they really that different?  You can look in a mirror and see your reflection.  So many of us accept that as the image we hold of ourselves.  BUT reflection is also stopping to think.  Reviewing, discovering and expressing who I am in thoughts and words.  Considering the variations of the word ‘reflection’ feels like another step toward accepting Mandy.  You see, I have tons of photos of my life and I cherish them greatly.  Rarely does a day pass that I don’t see my reflection in a mirror.  I also have journals from my younger years and this blog for more than 4 years.  What if I accepted my writing as more of an honest reflection of Mandy?  I think that would be a much more accurate reflection of me. 

Does that make sense?  Forming the image you have of yourself from more than what you look like in a photo or standing in front of a mirror?  Mandy is more than ever changing hair styles or 25 pounds heavier than ideal.  I am inquisitive, relentless, curious, prayerful, thoughtful, humorous, playful, joyful, grateful… I am many things and the reflection in the mirror is only a very small part. 

Okay, I didn’t really sit down to write all of that.  Sometimes (often times) my fingers fall onto this little keyboard and my thoughts flow.  Oh, what a lovely journey my mind take me on. 

I would like to make a motion that spring jump into full swing.  Do I have a second? 

Monday was wonderful and then yesterday was cold and windy.  The sun is shining right now, but I’m not sure that it will warm up enough to take Alex out for a jog. 

Speaking of Alex… I e-mailed Dr. LePichon after I spoke with the home school testing office yesterday.  Within two hours he had responded and attached the appropriate letter requesting exemption from state testing.  He rocks!  I will put it in the mail today and pray that exemption is granted.  If all else fails, I happen to have a lovely friend in my back pocket.  Oh, that friend happens to be a lawyer who has offered to help with the process if need be. 

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