"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shuffle: Part 2

The Daylight Savings Shuffle continues.  Drew and I didn’t sleep well at all last night.  I think that maybe we went to bed too early.  The clock said 9:45, but I guess our bodies thought it was 8:45.  Regardless, we hardly slept at all.  I actually got tired of not sleeping, got up at 4 am and ate a bowl of cereal.  I went back to bed, hoping Alex would sleep late again.  Alas, she was awake at 7:24.  In fact, as I was getting her out of bed I heard Drew’s truck pulling away.  I guess her Daddy Radar went off when he left the house. 

I could tell Alex was still tired and I really didn’t know what I was.  I was tired from not sleeping, but didn’t really feel like I could sleep anyway. 

What a weird night and morning.  I wanted to go for a run and figured that Alex would be warm and snug in her stroller.  I asked her if she wanted to  go and she said no.  What?  By noon she was laying on the couch with her eyes drooping.  I asked her if she wanted to go lay down in Mommy’s bed and she said yes.  What? 

My entire existence in in a Daylight Savings Shuffle today. 

Alex has therapy at 3:30 and I will go to the gym to get in a short workout.  It’s not a great as having unlimited time to jog outside, but it’s absolutely better than nothing.  Maybe she will feel better tomorrow and want to get out. 

Last night I made a tortellini salad with oil and spices and I added broccoli.  I actually heard these words come out of Drew’s mouth.  “This is so good!”  Like I said, he’s such a gracious eater that he usually just says thank you and eats.  He even admitted how yucky he feels when we eat junk and that he feels better eating healthy.  Wow!  Talk about a shuffle! 

Alex is as stiff as a board today.  Actually, she has been for several days.  She doesn’t really let on that she’s in pain, but she sure is having a hard time.  Sitting up?  Probably not going to happen.  Sitting still?  Probably not going to happen. 

Since her physical posture has changed, her evening snuggles have also changed.  Now she lays across me, propped on pillows.  We’ve gotten into the habit of letting her fall asleep in the living room and then carrying her to bed.  We’ve never done that in the past.  It’s just that she can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep on her own.  It’s a different sort of routine, but it’s working for now.  While it can be exhausting, it is absolutely my privilege to hold that girl as her body relaxes and gives her a break from a long day of pain.  When she is really and truly asleep she relaxes to the point of being limp.  Her body transforms from a pile of 2x4 boards to a 40 pounds sack of dog food.  Still, laying her sleeping body in her bed gives me a little flashback to her baby days. 

Hey guess what?  Drew is going to give running a try.  He normally warms up and cools down on the elliptical with the bulk of his workout being weight lifting.  I honestly would love for him to run with me.  I would love for us to do some fun races together some day.  Mud Run?  Heck yeah.  Color Run?  Absolutely.  Zombie Run?  Of course!  Now, all of that said, his knees are crap.  He’s had surgery on both knees, the first being 15 years ago when we were in high school.  I think it’s worth a try, but I also want him to be comfortably in one piece.  Running wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I was pushing his wheel chair because he had to have a knee or two replaced.  Maybe I need to get him some knee braces. 

Speaking of running… I ran my fastest mile yesterday.  A new personal record of 12:09!  Wahoo! 

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