"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 11, 2013


For people who still have to be to work at a certain time every day, the time change just requires your adjustment.  For a momma like me, the time change results in a schedule shuffle.  Shuffle the sleeping schedule, shuffle the feeding schedule, shuffle it all. 

Alex went to bed just after 8 last night and she slept until almost 10 this morning!  I slept until she did and woke up with a killer headache.  I’ve been fighting a headache since Friday afternoon, which I have attributed to the front that moved in and brought all the rain this weekend.  It’s a sinus pressure headache that throbs when I move or bend over.  I’m sure the fact that I slept 10+ hours last night also contributed to the headache.  I’ve taken a decongestant and that is helping.  I’m hoping that the longer I’m awake the better the headache will get.  I want to run today and I can’t exactly do that when it hurts just to walk. 

Alex’s first feeding of the day is usually about 7:30.  This morning it was about 10:15.  I’m guessing our schedule will continue to shuffle a bit for the next few weeks until she gets into a new routine.  That makes me a circus performer, adjusting to the unpredictable movement of my juggling pins.  I’m cool like that. 

Today looks to be sunny, but not too warm.  I think I’ll hit the gym while Alex has therapy.  I’m hoping that we get to jog outside the rest of the week and enjoy the warming weather. 

Want a health tip from PBS?  Morning PBS that is targeted toward little ones?  You have to sing it in a cartoon voice to make it accurate… “Low Fat, High Fiber, Lots of water, Exercise!”  That is their tip for little ones to be healthy, but I think we should all take note.  After our fast food frenzy on Saturday, I was beyond ready to eat real food yesterday.  My body feels so much better when I’m not taking in all the fried foods that are loaded with salt.  Drew is a gracious eater, meaning that he will pretty much eat whatever I give him.  That makes it easier for me to feed us healthy foods, because I know he will at least be willing to try whatever I make.  He’s pretty cool like that. 

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