"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, April 26, 2013

Grown Ups

Crazy Aunt Mandy has been dropping the ball lately.  Kayla and Braeden both played soccer and I didn’t make it to a single game.  I’m ashamed of that.  I miss seeing them, so you can imagine how happy I was to get a call from Kyle this morning.  He and Braeden were coming to Siloam and wanted to have lunch.  I got the best end of the deal because they brought lunch to us and we got to visit.  When I go any period of time without seeing him, I am always struck by how much he looks like Kyle.  Seriously, he is a mini Kyle.  On the same note, Kayla is so much a mini Misty.  I love it.  Anyway, Alex laid in the floor and Braeden was sweet as always.  He’s 100% a boy, jumping and running and being silly, but he is so sweet.  That, by the way, is also like Kyle.  He’s a big tough guy, but he is so soft hearted.  I love that.  Alex and Braeden played SpongeBob memory game and then pulled out Alex’s computer to play games.  That just made me happy. 

As long as I’m talking about similarities between family members, I’m finding it terribly interesting how my brothers are aging.  I find aging interesting anyway, but I’ve known my brothers since they were born and love watching them grow into such amazing men.  I’m actually surprised at how much Kyle & Casey resemble each other.  Not in mannerisms or character (although there are similarities there also), but simply in the way they look.  That has happened with my dad and his brothers also.  They older they got the more it was undeniable that they were brothers.  I wonder, when I’m standing between Kyle & Casey, it is obvious that we are siblings?  Or is the fact that I’m 10 inches shorter and dark headed a deal breaker? 

I was asking Kyle about work and as he was telling me all about it I had a revelation.  He’s a grown up.  I have similar revelations about Drew, and even myself, on a regular basis.  Here’s my question.  How did this happen?  WE are the grown ups?  Weird.  When we were kids we looked to our parents as the grown ups.  Here I am, with a 10 year old child and I’m having flashbacks to when I was that age.  I honestly believed that my parents had it all together and knew what they were doing.  Now, as the parent, I realize how biased that view must have been.  Maybe our parents felt like we do now… like they were pulling one over on the world that thought they had it all together.  I now know that they weren’t all knowing and collected.  They were human, just like we are.  They were figuring it all out and doing the best the could.  The fact that we thought they were doing so great doesn’t mean that they were excellent actors, it just means that they were doing a great job of making us feel safe and protected.  If Alex could express such things, I can only hope that she would feel those things about Drew & I.  Does that makes sense? 

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