"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Saturday

Drew is home and it looks to be a beautiful Saturday.  On the agenda: mow the yard.  Of course, I know my husband well enough to know that it won’t really be one hour of only mowing.  The day will likely include mowing, trimming, weeding, cleaning, organizing, sweeping, blowing and beautifying.  There’s no such thing as just mowing the yard.  I’m hoping Alex is up for hanging outside so that we can do some weeding.  We also have a severe dust problem on the front porch, so the swing needs to be dusted and the porch swept. 

The only bad thing about doing all this yard work today is that there’s a good chance it will need to be done again next Saturday. 

Now that we are one week away from Florida, I feel like it is perfectly acceptable to start packing.  Oh, it’s on!  Pull out the suitcase, mentally prepare complete outfits for each activity on the agenda and pack them neatly. 

I told you about Alex speaking yesterday.  I guess it was really on my mind and heart, because I didn’t sleep well last night.  My dreams felt nonstop and almost all of them included Alex speaking.  Every word she spoke was a beautiful gift that, even in my dream, I absorbed and relished.  Also sprinkled into my dreams, fears that I was messing up her medication schedule.  With the new medication in the rotation, I spent a little while yesterday writing down the schedule for Drew or anyone else who is in charge of feedings and medications. 

I am feeling much better about leaving Alex next week since her medications seem to be keeping her fairly comfortable.  She acts like she is excited to spend some time with Grandpa & Alison and then with Lala.  She also squeals with delight when we talk about everyone who will come to visit her during her sleepovers.  I can only assume there will be some hesitancy when the actual moment arrives, but I am feeling better about being away from her and hopeful about my ability to relax and enjoy my vacation without her. 

You should have been a fly on the wall on Wednesday when Mom & Christin were here.  I’ve taken up a concern over the proper way to stand and walk like a lady.  Couple that with my insistence that they look at my tiny budding muscles and it must have been quite a scene.  We all three took turns walking across the living room and trying not to look like fools.  I’m fairly sure we failed.  Later that day I actually Googled ‘how to stand like a lady' and was pleasantly surprised to know that I’m not the only one who has searched for that.  My problem comes when I don’t have anything in my hands.  Not holding a child?  Don’t have a big honking purse?  Not carrying a load of groceries?  Not running on the treadmill?  I have no idea how to stand.  You know I’ve recently been paying more attention to sitting properly, as opposed to sitting like a pretzel.  I find that that task is easier to accomplish if I’m wearing shoes.  Being barefoot is just an invitation to curl up.  Maybe I need to put on my heels and practice standing properly.  Don’t hunch, don’t lock your knees.  There’s a whole list of things I need to remember and I better practice.  Is there cotillion for 30 somethings? 

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