"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, April 5, 2013

I did my research and purchased a sunless tanning lotion a while back.  Last night I finally applied it.  Shower, shave, exfoliate… apply lotion carefully.  Be careful around the knees and ankles, to make sure you don’t get dark spots.  Cover completely, practice some contortionist moves in order to get all parts of your back, hang around the house with caution as you wait for the lotion to dry… wait for a beautiful tan. 

Fool proof, right? 


It’s not a complete disaster, but let’s just say that I’m glad our trip is still a week away.  With some thorough exfoliation I should be free from streaks and faux tan before we leave. 

Alex and I got our hair cut this morning.  Bless Kendra’s heart for being so sweet and patient with us.  Cutting Alex’s hair is no easy taks these days.  Want to hear something beautiful?  When we got home I laid Alex on the couch.  She wasted no time in wiggling into the floor.  Here’s the beautiful part.  She looked up at me, smiled and said, “Your hair cut look good to me.”  I swear.  In her own sweet voice and with her very own words, she spoke to me.  It was actually quite clear and I totally understood what she said.  These things happen so very scarcely and I find great joy in the sound of her voice. 

What else happened when we were at the salon?  The Fed Ex man came.  Of course.  Dr. LePichon contacted the manufacturer of the new medication for Alex (the expensive one).  They are going to haggle with insurance over paying for it and in the mean time they sent a month supply for her… free of charge.  Awesome.  I am thankful for Dr. LePichon and how he goes above and beyond for Alex.  I knew that FedEx was delivering the medication this morning and that I would have to sign for it.  My problem was, what is morning?  I assumed that meant between 8 and noon, so I left a note on the door when we went to the salon.  As luck would have it, I missed him.  Thankfully my note let him know that I would be home by 11 and he left me a note saying he would come back at 12:45.  Props to the FedEx man, because he showed up in my drive way at exactly 12:45.  I don’t know if it’s too soon to say, but I think the increased dosage of the new medication made a difference in Alex’s afternoon. 

Dad even stopped by today and it’s always nice to visit.  I sure am praying that the ENT can do something to relieve him from this vertigo.  I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to feel like crud all the time. 

Mom and Christin came over yesterday to celebrate mine and Christin’s 33rd birthday.  We ordered out Mexican food, sat in the living room floor and had a birthday picnic.  I ate a massive amount of food and then we attacked the cake mom made for us.  I spent too much of our visit making everyone look at my barely there muscles, so it seemed fitting to flex for the camera.  Um, look at all those candles. 


We didn’t even bother with plates, we all just grabbed a fork and dug in. 


On another note, my chili cheese dog & tater tots with Dad on Wednesday, Mexican food & cake with Mom & Christin have left my belly feeling less than thankful.  Yes, the food was good while I was eating it, but my body doesn’t appreciate the momentary pleasure. 

Now I’m just waiting for Drew to get home.  He’s somewhere between the airport and our house and I’m ready to have him home. 

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