"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mandy vs. Universe

Alex slept until 10 this morning, which means I slept until 10.  Not only did I get to sleep in, but I slept well through the night.  Mandy win. 

Just one step out of bed and I could feel my muscles appreciating my run yesterday.  That’s a win for me. 

I checked Alex’s pull up before I went to bed last night and she was dry.  This morning both Alex and the bed were soaking wet.  Universe win. 

I stripped her down and took her to the shower.  10:30 am and Alex was showered, dressed and fed.  Mandy win. 

Have you heard about Candy Crush Saga?  It’s a ridiculous game on you can get on your phone and I gave in yesterday and tried it.  We could say that’s a win for the Universe, as I have been sucked into a mindless game that begs me to play.

My lives on Candy Crush renewed over night so I got to play this morning.  Mandy win. 

Given the way that Alex laughed at my dirty hair this morning, I figured I needed a shower.  Dogs outside, Alex watching PBS, Mandy showered.  Mandy win. 

I had a conversation with myself over wearing work out clothes or cute clothes.  I decided on a casual dress, denim jacket and my newly beloved Yellow Box flip flops.  Looking cute and feeling satisfied with my efforts?  Mandy win.

Alex had prescriptions that needed to be picked up and we are on our last roll of toilet paper, so I figured a trip to Wal-Mart was needed.  I called Grandpa to see if he wanted to go.  First answer?  No.  I asked if he needed me to get anything for him.  Answer?  Yes, but that’s okay.  Then he asked me what I needed.  When he realized I wasn’t doing a full on shopping trip, he changed his answer to yes.  Major Mandy win. 

Going to out in public meant that my hair had to be blow dried and straightened, because short curly hair just doesn’t work for me.  Successfully straightened my hair and rocking my do.  Mandy win. 

Picked up Grandpa, didn’t scare him too much with my driving, got a great parking place without having to use Alex’s handicap tag.  Definite Mandy win. 

First stop… pharmacy.  Grandpa waited in the aisle while I waited at the counter for prescriptions.  I was standing beside Alex in her stroller and she reached up and grabbed my dress.  “Do NOT lift up my dress, silly girl.”  She dropped her hand and I relaxed as I turned back to the counter.  That’s when it happened… she pulled up my dress.  Yep, she pretty well flashed half the store when she lifted my dress and showed my undies and bum.  I don’t know who, if anyone, saw this happen, but it was a massive win for the universe. 

We survived our shopping and by the time we had made the rounds Grandpa said, “This was fun.”  What?!  Grandpa had fun?  Yep.  I knew he would enjoy getting out and visiting.  I definitely deserve a win for that. 

That’s where we are for today.  The universe has plenty of opportunity to win the war today… mainly the huge pile of laundry that I have yet to touch.  It won’t get me though.  I WILL win. 

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