"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 8, 2013


As I predicted, Drew spent 4 hours outside on Saturday.  He mowed, mulched, trimmed, manicured, swept and prettied up our yard.  It looks beautiful, of course. 

We have a flower bed between the two big trees in our front yard.  Actually, flower bed isn’t quite accurate.  It’s a bed, but it officially the home of Drew’s Razorback statue.  The rest of the bed is filled with river rocks, but you couldn’t see them because of the massive and thick weeds.  It was too windy outside to have Alex with me, so I just snuck out for a few minutes to pull the weeds.  I pulled all I could, filled up 2 shopping sacks and then prepared my homemade weed killer (thank you, Pinterest).  As I was spraying the bed I looked down and found three ticks crawling on my arm.  In case there was any question (and I don’t think there is), I am NOT a country girl.  I like to be clean and I don’t like bugs.  I especially do not like blood sucking bugs. 

I resign.  No more weed pulling.  I don’t do ticks.  Gross.  No way.  I sprayed down the bed, gave Drew strict instructions to go straight to the shower when he came inside and then headed straight for the bathroom to strip down.  I found 4 more ticks crawling on me, looking for a place to dig in.  I really hate ticks.  Hate them.  If you recall, I had a similar experience last spring when I was tying a pink ribbon on the front tree for Emma.  With that incident I went a bit crazy.  I was absolutely convinced that the ticks were in the house and spent an entire weekend tearing the house apart to clean and vacuum everything.  Before I could go crazy this time I simply rendered my resignation.  This girl will not be pulling weeds any time soon.  I don’t do ticks, mosquitoes, fleas or chiggers.  I resign. 

For the record, Drew sprayed the yard before coming inside.  It worked well last year and I’m hoping it does the job this year.  The dogs have been banned from the house until they have had proper baths and flea/tick medication.  I ordered Advantix II from 1800PetMeds and it should arrive this week. 

While I was picking crawling bloodsuckers off of my body (thank goodness none of them had dug in), I found it extremely irritating that Drew spent 4 hours outside in the yard and wasn’t assaulted by a single tick.  I guess I’m just so sweet and he’s just too sour. 

Oh, my birthday.  I had a lovely and relaxing day yesterday.  Drew let me sleep in, we took an afternoon nap, Drew sang to me as Alex gave me a choke hold birthday hug and it was just a nice day.  Heck, I even took a hot bath in the middle of the afternoon, just because I could.  John & Alison brought barbecue over for dinner, so we didn’t even have to cook dinner.  The icing on my birthday cake?  A glorious foot rub from my hubby while we lounged on the couch and watched National Geographic Channel.  It was all pretty wonderful. 

As a side note to the loveliness of my birthday… Drew is having a great time reminding me how old I am.  He will turn 33 at the end of May, so he can’t razz me for too long.  Among his random ribbings?  He called me ma’am all day and pointed out my gray hairs.  The gray hairs can (and will) be fixed soon enough, as I have the hair color just waiting to be applied.  Calling me ma’am might not be a bad thing if I can convince him that, as his elder, he should respect and obey me.  What are the chances?  Really, it’s only fair.  I got to turn 18 and 21 first.  It was fun to be one month and twenty days older than him back then.  I guess the next time it will be fun is when I can get a senior citizen discount.  That’s a good deal away, so I’ll just have to suck it up until then.  I would say that I will get Medicare and Social Security before him, but by the time we are old enough for that it probably won’t exist anymore.  Bummer. 

Thank you all for the cards, calls, texts and e mails to wish me a happy 33rd.  Thank you also for the random acts of kindness that you did for others.  In case you didn’t get in your random act of kindness, or if you would like to do more, it’s still my birth week, so you should definitely keep up the kindness. 

It’s 5 days and a wake up until Drew & I leave for Florida.  I’m so excited that I started packing yesterday.  I may not have any clothes to wear for this week, but my suitcase will be ready to go on Sunday morning!  I guess it’s work out clothes for me for the next 5 days.  It’s a bit dreary outside today, but fairly warm, so maybe I can con Alex into thinking that a job would be a great idea.  Maybe I will employ the power of being the mom and simply inform her of what we are doing… instead of asking politely. 

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