"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Let’s just call yesterday’s laundry battle between me and the universe a draw.  I got about half done, so it’s only fair to say nobody won.  We all have clean underwear today and Alex has towels, so that’s a win. 

I went ahead and called the pediatrician this morning for Alex’s cough and congestion.  She’s got so much gunk that just needs to go away.  Her gagging, wheezing and coughing has been giving me and Drew both some concerns.  I called at 8:45 this morning and they got us in at 9:15.  We saw Latina, the nurse practitioner, whom we have seen several times in the past.  It’s pretty much the same report as the two times in the last six months that I took her in for this same thing.  Her lungs are clear and her oxygen was 99%, which is great news.  Her nose isn’t runny, her ears aren’t infected and her throat is only red because of the drainage.  The bad news is that there still really isn’t much we can do about it.  If you had this same thing (and you might, considering the high allergies this spring) then you would cough for a week or two, spit a bunch of nasty stuff out and then get better.  Alex can’t cough it all the way up.  We think that the reason it is worse in the last week (as compared to the last few months) is because Alex is spending much more time laying on her back.  I can hold her in a mostly upright position, but she can’t stay that way on her own.  I prop her up with a million combinations of pillows and 2 minutes later she is shaped like a question mark and laying flat.  Aside from using an assortment of duck tape to keep her in an upright position (which we actually joked about), there really isn’t a great answer.  Even a hospital bed wouldn’t do much good because she would wind up half way down the bed and laying flat.  Regardless, the goal is to keep her in a semi upright position as much as we can so that all that congestion will go somewhere instead of hanging out in her throat and making her gag and breath so loudly. 

Back at the ranch, I mean, house, things are pretty ‘normal’.  Whatever that is.  I knew I needed to vacuum so that Alex and Cheryl won’t be covered in dog hair after therapy this afternoon.  I sprinkled baking soda all over the living room (to make it fresh after it’s vacuumed up) and then switched on the vacuum.  Nothing.  Check the plug, wiggle all the parts I could find and try again.  Nothing.  Minor panic over my ridiculously fancy vacuum.  Take the top off, put it back on, try again.  Oh, thank goodness.  The living room is vacuumed and feel accomplished. 

Not to worry you all, but I’ve become so obsessed with this Candy Crush Saga game that I am out of lives and stuck on the same level.  If this remains the biggest tragedy of my day then I am doing great. 

Now the big news.  Misty, Christin and I are TOTALLY going to do the Pig Trail Mud Run on June 1st.  I’m the one who brought it up and then I suffered a minor panic attack when Misty said she would do it.  I wouldn’t even tell her yes last night, not having the nerve to even commit.  I literally couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about it.  Fine.  Yes.  I obviously want to do it or I wouldn’t have brought it up.  Can I do it?  Can I survive and complete the run and obstacles?  There is only one way to find out.  I’m doing it.  I think Drew is proud that I’m even going to try and promised that he and Alex would be there to cheer us on.  Of course, he also had to throw in that I have to ride in the back of the truck on the way home!  I’m seriously excited (not about the bed of the truck) to do this.  I’ve been talking about it for months and now I’m going to make my first 5k a super muddy and super fun with 15 obstacles.  Do you want to run (or walk or crawl) with us?  The more the merrier.  www.pigtrailmudrun.com

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