"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Prayer, please

I told you that Medicaid agreed to pay for the patch to help lessen Alex’s drooling (and hopefully reduce the wetness of her breath).  Thank you for praying for the approval of that medication.  Now I have another prayer request. 

After Alex’s morning feeding and medications, I read the instructions for the patch and applied it.  It is a sticker about the size of a dime and it goes on a hairless spot behind the ear.  We are supposed to change it every three days, alternating ears each time.  Easy enough, right?  Well, yes, if the patient is not a 10 year old Alex.  I applied it (trying to make it sound cool), walked to the kitchen to throw away the packaging, washed my hands and then return to the living room… sticker picked off.  That little booger.  I was able to pick it out of her hair and straighten it back out, but she still wasn’t keen on having it stuck behind her ear.  Solution?  Princess band-aid.  We picked a Sleeping Beauty band-aid and placed it over the patch so it would look awesome.  It seems to be working for now, but it’s only been 10 minutes.  We can’t afford to waste a single patch since Medicaid agreed to pay for exactly 10 per month.  That’s one every three days with none to spare.  Considering that 10 patches would have cost us $158 dollars, that comes down to $15.80 for one tiny dime sized patch.  Nope, can’t spare a single one.  The prayer request?  That Alex will get used to it and forget it is there… that she won’t pick it off… that keeping it on will prove to reduce her drool and therefore the amount of saliva that she coughs and gags on.  Got it?  Please and thank you. 

One more thing.  If you see Alex, don’t make a big deal of the sticker or band-aid.  If she shows you then you can tell her she’s awesome, but otherwise my hope is that she will forget it is there.  Hey, that just gave me a thought.  If I change it at night after she has fallen asleep then maybe she won’t even realize it is there.  I’m so smart.  Ha ha. 

Hey, somebody should ask Drew how he is feeling after going back to the gym on Monday morning (after a short hiatus) and getting his first chiropractic adjustment Monday evening.  I’m fairly sure that his muscles are going, “Whoa!  What are we doing here?!”  Starting something healthy is the easy part.  Sticking with it is the hard part.  You have to make it through those initial days and weeks to give your body time to acclimate.  Our bodies are used to coping with whatever is normal, even if that normal is junk food, laziness and pain.  I will testify that once your body recovers from it’s previous junky situation, you WILL feel better and your body will thank you. 

My mind is about to bounce to something weird.  Just go with it. 

I am chronically suspicious of certain things.  Did you hear the news about the bus driver who had been keeping girls chained up in his basement for 10 years?  Awful.  Just awful.  Thanks to creeps like that, I have a secret suspicion of all kinds of weird things.  It’s pitiful, but when I see a full size white van with no windows, I call it a kidnapper van.  When I’m walking the neighborhood and see a house with a shed in the back, I secretly wonder if they are kidnapped children being help captive.  I mean, Jaycee Duggard was imprisoned like that for many years and that freaky man had neighbors right there.  Thanks to this newest crazy man, if I meet a bus driver in the future then I will secretly wonder if he lives in a house with a basement and what exactly he keeps in that basement.  Just to be clear, I am not making light of this awful situation.  It’s simply awful and I am just thankful that these girls were found.  I am also thankful that I am not the judge responsible for this kidnapper’s fate.  I’m afraid that any unbiased and lawful expertise that I would possess would be completely overruled by my personal belief that such a man is scum. 

Now that I’m on the subject of suspicion, let’s talk television shows.  Have you ever seen that show “I didn’t know I was pregnant?”  Bizarre.  How could you be 9 months pregnant and not now?  Well, apparently it isn’t an isolated incident or else there wouldn’t be a show about it.  Every time I am talking to someone who complains about strange symptoms, my mind entertains the idea that they are unknowingly about to have a baby in the bathroom.  It’s absurd. 

I guess this phenomenon (of being led into suspicion) can spread far across the board.  Heck, when I was into the Twilight books I walked through life identifying people who were likely vampires masquerading as humans.  Thanks to The Walking Dead, when I run at the park I feel quite sure that a swarm of zombies are about to come out of the woods and eat me.  Oh, the power of suggestion. 

Speaking of running from zombies, I think I’m making great progress in my goal of being able to outrun them.  I have 77+ miles for the year and I’m doing a little more every day.  The biggest problem I would have with outrunning zombies?  I’m fairly sure that running on a treadmill wouldn’t get me far from the zombies.  I can run outside, but running on the asphalt hurts my left leg.  It seems that my body isn’t as forgiving as it was 10 or 20 years ago.  Funny how that happens, right?  I think I will stick to running from imaginary zombies on the treadmill and hope that when I am at the park then I will be able to speed walk fast enough to get away from flesh hungry zombies.  Sounds like a plan to me. 

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