"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 3, 2013

Crazy Aunt Mandy

Just last week I woke about my current failure in the role of Crazy Aunt Mandy.  As fate would have it, I’m making up for lost time.  I got to see Braeden on Friday, JR on Monday evening and now I have Tessa at my house.  If I can manage to see Kayla then I will be completely awesome.

Sasha called Tuesday night and they have an awful lot going on right now.  I was happy to put Alex in the truck on Wednesday morning and head to Missouri.  For the record, Alex did really really great.  I was actually shocked that she tolerated the 3+ hour drive so well, but God obviously had it worked out.  On Thursday morning I loaded up Alex & Tessa and drove back home. 

If I can manage to type with the help of this sweet and curious 11 month old helper, then I will tell you what it’s like for this old momma to be Crazy Aunt Mandy for an extended period of time. 

MAY2013 003

First of all, she and Alex get along really well.  It’s not a sister bond, as Alex only ever had one partner in crime with that title, but it is a sweet cousin love.  Now that I’ve mentioned it though, isn’t there a resemblance to Emma? 

MAY2013 001

Minus the pacifier, of course, since Emma always preferred her thumb. 

Moving on, Crazy Aunt Mandy gets to keep Tessa for several days and I’m realizing a few things. 

1. I am used to the fact that Alex is not mobile.  She pretty well stays in the general area that you put her.  Tessa can crawl like a ninja and goes wherever she wants, moving at the speed of light and giggling as I scramble to keep up. 

2. Changing Alex’s diaper and changing Tessa’s diaper are not the same.  For one, Alex has a boney little bum and Tessa has a chubby little bum.  Alex only moves because she can’t help it.  Tessa moves whenever she darn well feels like it!  Would it be wrong to duck tape her to the floor during diaper changes? 

3. Bathing Tessa was significantly easier than bathing Alex last night.  Turns out that holding on to an 18 pound 11 month old is more easily manageable than a 4 foot tall, 40 pound 10 year old.  I guess it’s just been a while since I had a little one to bathe. 

4. I’m pretty good at this.  That’s vain of me to say, but I do think I’m pretty good at the baby caring thing.  I’m going to go ahead and gloat that I was a good momma to my young children and I feel like I haven’t lost that.  Here’s the kicker… the task of infant care consumes me and I’m not a very good wife when I have little ones.  For example… we ordered pizza for dinner last, the trash hasn’t been carried out, the floor is littered with toys, baby wipes and clean diapers.  Other thing?  When bedtime rolls around I am beat.  Snuggles with the husband?  Nope.  Passing out on my side of the bed?  Oh yeah. 

Okay, I have two extra little hands trying to type right now and so I’m going to wrap this up.  Crazy Aunt Mandy… out. 

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