"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 31, 2013


It’s a been a good while since Drew was able to work from home on a Friday.  He was planning to today, but yesterday he forgot to bring home everything he would need to work.  So… he is not home today.  Bummer. 

Alex and I are going to have to go grocery shopping at some point.  I haven’t really done any significant shopping alone with her, so I’m not sure how it will go.  When she was able to sit in the wheelchair I was able to push her and pull the shopping cart with no problem.  The stroller maneuvers differently, so I might need a “Wide Load” sign and flags to warn the other shoppers. 

We had storms last night, but all is well here.  It sure is a stormy season and I just hate to see these storms move through the areas in Oklahoma that have already been hit so severely.  When the sirens went off last night and my phone rang with a warning from the city, I pulled Alex out of bed and laid her on a bed of pillows and blankets in the hallway.  She never even blinked an eye.  Drew was about to drive me batty because he wouldn’t sit still, but he just has to keep an eye on things.  He never really seemed worried and then the area of rotation passed us, leaving us with nothing but heavy rain.  I left Alex in the hall, not wanting to disturb her again if more storms rolled in.  We did have some very strong winds, but no more tornado threats for the night.  Our big trees are fine, but there were quite a few large braches down in the neighborhood.  It is sunny but very windy here right now, with more storms predicted in the days to come. 

Did I mention that we received some photos from our vacation to Palm Beach?  The CD didn’t have the photos on it that I thought/hoped it would, but they sent us a few prints of our formal night.  Drew calls them our prom pictures because of how we were posed.  Since I don’t have the digital copy, I snapped this photo of the photo... 

plambeach2013 005

I mean, really, how hot are we?! 

One thing that I forgot to mention while writing about Alex’s computer yesterday… we gave Emma’s computer to a local child who could use it.  I hope that this child finds it helpful and that, when the time comes, it will be passed on to another.  We also donated Alex & Emma’s wheelchairs the other day.  Our wheelchair guy will either have someone in the states than can use them or take them on the next mission trip to the orphanages in other countries.  You can check out www.99balloons.org if you are interested in the organization.  The woman who founded it just happens to be the first physical therapist that Alex had when she was not yet 2 years old.  She is pretty awesome and I’m happy to know that the equipment we can no longer use will find a home with a child who needs it.

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