"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 20, 2013

Get ready

I haven’t blogged since Friday and I have a lot to say, so get ready! 

On Saturday I took Alex to Dad’s and we worked to get the bedrooms situated for Grandpa to move in on Sunday.  Drew was fishing with his dad, so it was a good time to just dig in and clean.  Alex thinks Poppy is hilarious, so she had a great time hanging out.  I vacuumed the master bedroom and scrubbed the master bathroom.  It is really a great set up for Grandpa and Dad has made some sacrifices to make Grandpa as comfortable as possible.  Dad had his new bedroom pretty well set up, I got Grandpa’s new room clean and we felt ready for the move on Sunday. 

Sunday morning… oh!  I thought I was in fairly good physical shape since I exercise quite regularly.  I was wrong.  Apparently thoroughly scrubbing a bathroom uses different muscles than what I’ve been working the last few months.  It took only a slight movement in the bed on Sunday morning to realize that this girl was sore! 

Drew and I loaded up Alex and met Kyle at Grandpa’s apartment for the move.  The move went really well because Kyle & Drew are rock stars.  As for me, I did what I could and tried to help Grandpa. 

It took two loads in Kyle’s trailer to get everything, but by early afternoon we had Grandpa’s entire apartment empty, wiped down, swept and vacuumed.  On the second (and final) trip to the apartment we left Alex with Poppy & Grandpa.  She was in charge of babysitting the old men (which I mean with the greatest respect, of course) and did a great job.  Somehow she even left with an extra dollar bill in her purple wallet.  Once the furniture was in place, Drew came home to mow our yard (in anticipation of the massive rain that wound up missing us completely) and Alex and I stayed to get Grandpa settled.  I helped Grandpa make the bed, hang pictures and unpack a few boxes.  I think he seemed to relax a little as he saw it all come together, but I know that it will just take a little while to really settle and feel comfortable in a new place. 

I know that Drew, Kyle and I were more than happy to work this weekend to help Dad & Grandpa.  I mean that in the most sincere way possible.  Really.  Having said that, I have made a very serious deal with Kyle.  The next time that he and Misty move, I will give them $50 to help pay for the moving crew.  Moving sucks.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we would rather not be in, such a needing to move from your independent apartment life and into your son’s home.  Sometimes we have to move for financial, personal or other extenuating circumstances.  In situations such as those, I will work my hardest and be absolutely happy about it.  I know that Drew & I have had to ask for moving help in the past and I am grateful to every person who left with a back ache and slice of pizza as their only payment.  Right now I will make a very serious vow to not do it again unless there is an emergency situation.  I promise you all that the next time Drew & I move that we will be more than happy to write a check to the professional movers.  If I have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a new home then I will also be sure I have a couple hundred dollars to pay professionals to move me to that home.  We hired movers when we bought our house 8 years ago and it was the best $200 we ever spent.  Admit it, you like me even more knowing that I won’t ask you to help me move in the future, right?  You are welcome. 

So that’s the moving situation.  We just have to cancel Grandpa’s utilities from the apartment and turn in his keys to be completely done.  I’ve asked for your prayers for the last few weeks, but I am asking again.  Living with anyone takes a learning curve.  Heck, even married couples have to learn how to live together.  Living with your aging parent or adult child has it’s own circumstances.  I’m praying for the transition and would appreciate you doing the same. 

Aside from moving, Drew and I watched two movies from RedBox this weekend.  The first was Silver Linings Playbook and it was excellent.  I really enjoyed it.  Have you seen it?  If you have then you will understand my next comment.  If you haven’t, you should know that the two main characters have a history of mental illness and they both seem to say pretty much whatever they are thinking with no filter.  I have this same problem.  I call it word vomit.  The words just project out of my mouth and there is no stopping it.  Okay, if you have ever met me then you are not surprised about this.  Heck, if you read this blog then you may thinking the same thing.  I did quite a bit of word vomiting on Sunday during the move.  On top of letting words spew out of me, Drew & I bickered like an old married couple.  The SIPP reports that the average marriage in the US lasts 8 years, so I guess that our almost 13 years would make our marriage old enough to justify our bickering.  Right? 

Back to the movie, it was excellent and I would recommend it.  I think I would rate movies like this… Excellent means that I really like it and would watch it again.  Good means that I enjoyed it the first time but have not desire to watch it again.  Okay means that it was tolerable and that’s about it.  Bad means that I wasted two hours of my life watching it the first time.  Awful means that I couldn’t even tolerate it long enough to watch the entire movie at all. 

On Saturday night we watched The Guilt Trip.  I would say it was okay.  We watched the entire thing, but if the power had gone out and we couldn’t finish it then it wouldn’t have made me any difference.  It’s about an adult son who takes his mother on a road trip across the country and it made me think about who, if anyone, I could bear to take such a trip with.  I didn’t have to think very long before I could definitely say that Drew and/or Christin are the only two I would willingly sit in a car with for a week.  There are plenty of people that I love spending time with, but being in a closed space with the same person for an extended period of time is quite a challenge.  I’ve been on long road trips with quite a few different family members and I can honestly say that, while I love you all, I have no desire to do it again!  A few hours is one thing, but a full day or multiple days in the car is a lot to ask of anyone. 

I thought about this again this morning when I was talking to Sasha.  Her sister has been there for a week, helping Sasha get the new house cleaned up and boxes unpacked.  I found myself sort of surprised that they both enjoyed being together for such a period of time.  Even more, her sister will be there for another week and they both seem happy about that.  I love my brothers, but I think that time with Mandy is best tolerated in small doses!  I know they love me, but I’m also pretty sure that they would agree!  That being said, I think it’s pretty cool that they have such a relationship. 

I think that’s all I’m dying to say right now, so I better hit ‘publish’ before I think of something else.  I’ve already written a short novel here.  Happy Monday. 

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