"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I was fairly nervous about my mammogram this morning.  It occurred to me that they scheduled me in less than 48 hours and that might not be a good sign.  It was no big deal though.  It turns out that the reason they got me in early was because I was already well overdue for my follow up and then they had a cancellation.  To speed to the end of the appointment, my films looked great.  There were no new calcifications and the old ones were all removed during the surgical biopsy in 2009.  Everything is just fine and I don’t need another mammogram until I’m 40.  Until then I just keep up with my monthly self exams and yearly doctor exams as all women should.  God is good, y’all. 

Rewinding to first thing this morning… I got Alex out of bed, stripped her clothes, changed her pants and wiped her down like normal.  That’s went I noticed something funny on her back.  I don’t often get a full view of her back since she doesn’t sit up without assistance.  She is even on her back when I’m giving her a shower.  She lays on her shower chair (that looks much like a lounger lawn chair) and I just lift and twist her as needed to wash her.  Anyway, I did notice something this morning and got her on her side to get a better look.  I do believe that this is a pressure sore.  As with many things, my own experience with pressure sores (sometimes called bed sores) is only from working at the hospital in college.  To be honest, this spot looks much less like a bed sore and much more like the abscess that she had on her lip this past winter.  From that stressful moment, I know that the staph bacteria is everywhere and some of us are just more susceptible to it than others.  Apparently Alex is one of those people.  The reason I think that it is pressure sore is because it is on her left shoulder blade.  The way her arm twists up makes her shoulder blade poke out all the time.  It’s not like she’s bedridden and never moves, it’s just that it rubs and touches the floor/bed/couch/car seat/stroller no matter how she moves. 

Not surprisingly, my first response was guilt.  I feel like it is my fault and that I should have been doing something better.  I must have told her how sorry I was about a hundred times as I was cleaning and doctoring it.  Hopefully it will heal on its own with some care.  There is pretty much no way to keep her off of that shoulder blade, so that may be one obstacle. 

Moving on to things that have nothing to do with body parts…

After I picked up Alex from Nonnie’s house I took her to the mall.  Her favorite purple belt from Justice finally fell apart and I promised her we would go get another.  As it turns out, there were no purple belts, but she picked a new silver one.  We also found these jeans and t shirt on the clearance rack.  In true Alex fashion, Alex refused to show her face for the camera. 

may162013 003

may162013 004

She’s a happy girl and that makes me happy. 

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