"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It’s been a few days

I haven’t written in a few days.  I tried, but anything that I had to say seemed tiny and insignificant compared to all that has been going on in our country. 

The tornado in Moore, OK wrecked havoc earlier this week and the people in that community have had to deal with rain and messy weather as they try to clean up and put a few pieces of life back together.  It seems that every church and organization is raising money or gathering supplies to send to Moore.  I am not an expert, but I would suggest that you think carefully before deciding how to help.  Unless you are part of an organized relief effort, stay out of the way.  There will come a time when more hands are needed and if you feel led to physically help then there will be plenty of opportunity to do so.  I’m sure that there are plenty of things that these people need, but I’m not sure than any of us can say exactly what those things are.  My own belief is that we should all do a bit of research and give what we are able to the organization that can do the most good. 

On a more personal note… a little girl that Alex and Emma went to therapy and preschool with passed away this week.  I didn’t know the girls or the family well, so I won’t even pretend that this is my loss.  I will say that the news of her passing has stirred me. 

I hesitate to make any of this about me, but I can’t help it.  The seasons are changing and for some reason that makes me think of Emma.  Summer is coming and the weather is warming.  The anticipated gatherings and events of summer are exciting, but also leave me with a void where it still feels like Emma should be.  It’s been 14 months since she passed and it still sucks. 

Memorial Day.  Let’s clarify a few things.  Veteran’s Day will come in the fall and that is a holiday intended to recognize all men and women who have served in our military.  Memorial Day is rooted in remembering the men and women who have died in combat.  As far as most Americans are concerned, it’s an excuse for a long weekend and the first barbeques of the season.  I think that’s okay.  We are Americans.  We like to eat.  We love a good excuse for a party.  You don’t have to agree with the politics or strategies of our military and government to acknowledge that we have this privilege because of our soldiers.  They made sacrifices in their personal lives so that our country could feel safe and prosper.  When you pop a top this weekend, raise your glass for a toast to the men and women who died serving our country.  I will. 

It’s been a weird few days around here.  Of course, the things I’ve already discussed have been hanging in my mind and heart, but it’s just been weird.  Drew took off Thursday and Friday, so I’ve been chronically confused about the day of the week.  The weekend is actually quite busy with family gatherings and a wedding, so it doesn’t really feel like a normal weekend.  Since the schedule has filled up, I took Drew on a date yesterday to celebrate his birthday.  We took Alex to my mom and then went to Academy to get Drew a cover for the boat.  He’s been improvising with tarps for the last few years, so it was a treat for him to get a real cover.  After Academy we went to a matinee and saw The Hangover III.  Drew is a fan of the first two movies and the timing of this last movie was perfect for his birthday.  A crude guy movie + a huge tub of popcorn = happy Drew. 

In true Drew fashion, he did something for me.  Before we went to pick up Alex, we stopped at the Guitar Center.  We browsed and I played enough guitars to get a better idea of what I hope to have someday.  Drew even made me try an electric guitar, which I will admit was quite a rush.  For the record, I want an acoustic Taylor.  They range from fairly expensive to several months of income.  It’s a good thing that the really expensive ones were hung out of my reach.  When you are test driving cars, you should never drive the Porsche when you can only ever afford the Ford.  Just saying.  Anyway, I have my sights set on a Big Baby Taylor that is relatively affordable (someday) and still has the beautiful sound of a Taylor.  It’s fun to have something to wish for and look forward to in the future. 

Right about now I’m wishing that our pool was set up and warm enough to swim in.  I would take that in place of the beach, which is where I would really like to be right now.  If you will indulge me, I’m about to quote a country music song.  The newest Zac Brown Band song has a line that I love… “You can find me where the music meets the sea.”  Amen to that.   

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