"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It’s coming

The rain, that is.  It’s coming.  Its dreary, humid, dim and windy outside right now.  The rain is coming.  Yuck.  I know we need rain, but I’m not a fan.  I can feel the energy draining out of me as the sun disappears. 

The dreary weather is all the more miserable because Alex is asking to go jogging with Mommy (it’s a button on her computer).  I did go to the gym while Alex had speech with Heidi, but it was short lived.  I had a couple of other errands to run during that hour and then I took a phone call after a only a mile.  I usually ignore the phone at the gym, but it was Kyle and I needed to talk to him. 

We are moving Grandpa this weekend.  Technically we have two weeks to get him moved, but I think the anticipation of the move is hard on Grandpa.  Then there’s the fact that after this weekend we only have one weekend left to get the move completed and that just happens to be Memorial Day weekend.  So, Kyle and I talked and worked out how to get it all done.  Kyle is doing some stuff for Dad Friday and I will help Dad move the bedrooms around on Saturday.  I called Grandpa to see if I needed to get more boxes before coming over to pack and was surprised to hear that my Uncle Matt is here for a few days.  That helps me so much because I can let Matt do that packing.  If he can get that done then Kyle and I can help get things ready at Dad’s and then we can do the actual moving on Sunday.  It will be a busy few days, but it will be best for Grandpa to have it all done.  He needs a routine and the anticipation of the move and changes is really causing him anxiety.  Again, please keep Dad and Grandpa in your prayers as this will be a very big transition. 

So, I don’t feel like I got my exercise in and now the sky wants to rain.  I think I will pick up the dumbbells and get a little strength work in.  It’s so essential to my physical and especially my mental well being.  Alex seems a bit out of sorts this afternoon, but maybe she just feels like I do.  There’s nothing really wrong, it’s just a funky mood.  I guess I do have a bit of anxiety over the mammogram tomorrow, knowing that the last one found bad stuff.  That’s all the more reason to be grateful for getting an appointment tomorrow.  No need to worry over something that I can’t control and after tomorrow I won’t be wondering anymore.  There is no reason to expect anything worrisome.  The only reason I have any discomfort in that area is because of Alex’s bony elbows and shoulders that can squish a person in just the right (or wrong) spot.  That doesn’t just go for women.  Ask any man in Alex’s life and they will tell you that she has a knack for nailing other sensitive areas!  Okay, enough talk about private parts. 

I took these pictures of Alex just a few hours ago. 

Sitting up all by herself (quite the feat!)…

may152013 001

And moments later she was flat on the floor again…

may152013 002

Sweet girl, she never stops trying.  That should be a lesson to us all.  Something is difficult?  Frustrating?  Get over it.  Alex does.  She just keeps trying.  She may feel frustration over the results, but she doesn’t show it.  Instead, she smiles over what she was able to accomplish.  You go girl! 

Let me give a shout out to Kendra for getting her workout on lately!  She started doing Insanity at home in the mornings a few months ago and now she’s running and training for her first 5K!  Wahoo! 

Dad is feeling better lately with much less of the dizziness that he was dealing with for the last few months.  I think it still comes and goes, but doesn’t seem to be quite as severe.  He’s been getting his workouts by doing yard work.  You see?  Exercise isn’t limited to the gym.  Any sort of physical activity that suits your lifestyle or preferences is awesome. 

My body is continually reminding me that a brisk walk seems to better suit me than running.  I still do a bit of jogging, but usually pay for it with pain in my left leg.  It’s not worth hurting myself, so maybe I should just embrace the walking.  The miles and the effort count no matter how fast I’m moving.  There’s also the fact that Alex really loves going for a long walk.  Also, I don’t think the Mud Run is going to happen.  Our little team sort of fell apart and there is just so much going on that the run feels more like a chore than a treat right now.  I know that Misty would still do it with me if I wanted and for that (and many other reasons) she is a rock star. 

Since we can’t go for a walk, Alex and I are going to play a game.  Adios for now. 

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