"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Stuff

When Drew got home last night we all laid out in the floor and watched television.   It was one of those moments that make my heart happy.

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It’s raining this morning and you know how I feel about the lack of sunshine.  Alex and I walked the neighborhood yesterday and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I’m just barely short of 80 miles for the year.  I would typically go to the gym on Thursday afternoon, but Cheryl is fighting a springtime cold and doesn’t want to expose Alex to it.  I continue to be thankful for how our friends and family stay aware of those things when it comes to Alex. 

Speaking of Alex, the patch is still on.  She hasn’t touched it or even acknowledged that it is behind her ear since I posted about it yesterday.  Thank you for your prayers, God is listening.  As for its effectiveness… she is still drooling some, but not drooling buckets.  Drew and I kept listening and watching her yesterday evening to see if we could tell any difference in her breathing.  Yes, I do think it’s a bit different.  Good different or bad different?  I’m not sure of either one just yet.  Good, I think.  She still has some of that drainage that hangs around in her throat and gurgles, but the patch won’t do anything about that.  I do think that perhaps her breath doesn’t sound as wet with saliva.  Let’s give it a few days and then see what we think. 

I was feeling a bit stir crazy yesterday afternoon.  Alex and I had already walked almost three miles, done laundry, washed dishes and a few other chores, so we decided to go over to Grandpa’s for a while since the weather was beautiful and Alex was feeling pretty good.  She hung out in the living room with Grandpa while I started packing Grandpa’s kitchen.  I wonder why it is easier to pack someone else’s house than your own?  Grandpa even made a comment about it.  I suppose that one reason is because I don’t have to think about every single thing before packing it.  I packed the majority of his kitchen, leaving out the essentials that he will need in the next few weeks.  We will continue packing a bit at a time and then hopefully I know a few strong fellas that will come move everything before the end of the month. 

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I still had a few dollars on a gift card that I got for Christmas, so I bought a Bob Dylan CD with it.  Drew can put the music on my iPhone and I still have the CD to listen to in the truck.  Can you believe that I’m just no discovering this?  Sure, I’ve heard some of the music, but I’ve never known it well.  I’ve never taken the time to listen and appreciate.  This music is older than I am, but I am completely in love with it.  What do I love?  The lyrics and the sincerity of it.  He didn’t sing like a bird, but the poetry of the words and the folk of the music is just idyllic. 

Let’s end with something silly.  Have you had any great dreams lately?  Happy, bizarre or anything else?  I had a doozie last night.  I’m not sure that there was a real plot to it.  It was a strange mixture of people I love and vacations that I have adored.  Christin and Drew were there and I think we were back at The Breakers in West Palm Beach.  There were meetings and formal dinners, but when I left the ballroom and wandered the hotel I found myself at the Magic Kingdom.  I may have actually squealed with delight at that point.  Somewhere in there I was snorkeling, but I didn’t have a snorkel.  I was torn between the beautiful sights and not being able to breath.  Anyway, it was a strange and wonderful mixture of the beach, Disney and friends. 

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