"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Coffee

There is a curve of adjustment in caring for an infant.  Sure, Tessa is 11 months old and not a newborn, but she still requires a level of care that I haven’t had to give in a long time.  I don’t know that it is a higher or lower level than what I’m used to giving Alex, it’s just a different level. 

I’m definitely going to need more coffee.  I brewed it extra strong this morning and I at this moment in time I anticipate brewing a second pot in a few hours. 

Tessa was so tired last night that I had to give in and give her a bottle at 7:30.  That’s an hour or two earlier than what she gets when she is at home, but special rules apply at Aunt Mandy’s house.  She was so tired that she would let go of the bottle and cry every time her eyes closed.  I took her to my room so it would be quiet and she was out in no time.  I put her in the pack n’ play that we have set up in the office and then I welcomed the opportunity to snuggled with Drew & Alex in the living room.  8pm, both girls asleep, I try to relax.  8:30 and Tessa was fussing.  She wasn’t really even awake, just giving me the “I’m so tired I can’t rest” cry.  I held her for a while and laid her back down.  Moving on… midnight.  Drew & I stayed up too late and finally went to bed at midnight.  My head hit the pillow, I covered up and relished in the rest.  Yep, that’s when Tessa woke up again.  How do they do that?!  I tried to hold her for a few minutes and lay her back down, but that didn’t work, so I gave in and brought her to bed with me.  I couldn’t relax, but after an hour I was able to lay her back in her bed so that I could lay in mine.  2am… more fussing.  That’s when I did it.  The unforgiveable.  I gave her a bottle.  As a parent, I know what an awful habit can be formed when you use nursing or a bottle to get your child back to sleep.  As an aunt, I didn’t care.  I gave that baby a bottle and we both slept until 7am.  It was worth it. 

So, that is how the evening went and now you can understand why I need more coffee.  This old woman is very accustomed to sleeping 8 hours a night without being interrupted.  For years I didn’t get that much sleep in a night, never mind 8 hours uninterrupted.  I’m spoiled and I like it. 

As I sit here typing, I have Alex by my right side, Tessa in my lap and the laptop is uncomfortable positioned to the left.  You wouldn’t believe how many times Tessa has hit the keyboard and changed something.  It’s worth it because this blog is my release.  The coffee helps me cope, the blogging is a release. 

Oh, just because it’s funny, I should mention that I have barricaded Tessa into the living room.  This child can move faster than I can and I was afraid she would get into something before I could catch up.  How did I barricade her out of the dining room & kitchen when a baby gate isn’t wide enough?  Pediasure, of course.  That’s one thing that I have more than enough of, so I took flats of Pediasure and build a wall too tall for her to climb over but low enough for Drew & I to step over.  She isn’t impressed.  That’s a lie.  She is annoyed by it, but at least she is safe and contained. 

I don’t want to leave you with a bad impression, so let me tell you some cute things.  Tessa can play pat-a-cake and it’s adorable.  I would like to think that I have taught her this, but chances are I have just reminded her of something she already knew.  She gives kisses and makes this cute little kissy noise.  When I’m feeding her I always say, “Bite?”, before I give a bite.  Now, if I take too long, she will say, “Bi!”  It’s cute.  Again, I may not have taught her this, but I’m pretending that I did. 

Alex is being an absolute rock star and awesome helper.  She’s wonderful and I keep telling her so.  I know that she is sacrificing some the the attention and snuggles that she is used to, but she’s being awesome and patient. 

Okay, I have little hands all over the keyboard, so I have to stop for now.  Coffee.  Must.  Get.  More.  Coffee. 

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