"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Let me follow up on a few ‘normal’ things in our life. 

The sore on Alex’s back is healed.  I’m taking extra care to make sure she lays on a blanket in the floor and not the scratchy carpet.  Since it seems that she is extra prone to infection from the smallest scratch (which makes sense considering how hard her body works in every other way), I continue to bathe her very frequently, never let her wear the same clothes more than one day or use the same towel more than once.  I also wash all of her things in hot water.  Hopefully these extra measures will help protect her from future skin infections. 

Dad gave us a package of Goodnights Bed Mats a few weeks ago and then Dottie brought us a package this past weekend.  I had seen them before and I don’t know why I never gave them a try.  Perhaps I was hesitant because we already use so many disposable pull ups and cans of pediasure that it felt wrong to use one more product that would wind up in the trash.  So, for years I have been using the cloth pads and doing massive amounts of laundry.  Well, I have now tried the disposable ones and they are wonderful!  They are mats that line the bed under a child (intended for children who wet the bed).  What makes the Goodnight bed mats so wonderful is that they are sticky in the four corners, so they stay in place and don’t wad up under Alex during the night.  They have definitely made my job easier in the last week.  I typically check on Alex (and her pull up) before I go to  bed at night.  That very often leads to not only changing her pull up, but also changing her clothes and stripping the bed.  That means that even if I am a laundry goddess all day long, I still go to bed with a full load of dirty laundry waiting for me to wake up. 

Side note: I am saying “I” instead of “we” here because I am able to do all of this changing in the dark.  Drew would absolutely help me with this task every night, but I am able to do all of this with only the glow from the hallway light and without waking up Alex.  This makes me a rock star, right? 

Anyway, the bed mat makes my job much much easier and keeps Alex dryer.  My point?  Goodnight’s are about $10 for a package of 9 pads.  A package could last us as long as 9 days, but more often I have to change her clothes and the pad before I go to bed and then again in the morning.  There is a $4 off coupon on the Goodnights website and that makes the cost much more manageable.  You enter your e mail and they send you the coupon to print out.  Drew and I are both going to do this and, if you are so inclined, then maybe you could print one off for us.  Sometimes there are coupons in the paper or elsewhere, so if you ever seen one then please save it for me. 

I went to the gym yesterday while Alex had speech with Heidi.  I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic, but that is all the more reason to get up and move.  My Nike+ running app malfunctioned and cheated me out of half a mile on my mileage ticker.  I was telling Drew this…

Me: So, at the end of the year, remind me that I can add half a mile to my total.  It might make a difference. 

Drew:  What are you now and what day of the year is it? 

Me:  I’m at about 97 miles and I think it’s somewhere around the 150th day of the year, so I’m really behind. 

Drew:  You can still make your 365 goal if you do 2 or 3 miles a day. 

Me: Yes, but I can’t always do that. 

Drew:  I’m going to help you. 

Me: (feeling loved and waiting to hear his plan on how he can help me meet my goal of 365 miles in 2013) 

Drew:  When we go to KC, you are going to run and I’m going to drive behind you to make sure you don’t stop.  Every time you slack I’ll give you a little push with the bumper. 

Me:  Oh, that is a wonderful idea.  Aren’t you sweet? 

Oh, that man of mine!  Let it be known that I am not going to run to KC.  If I was going to do this then I would have to leave right now to have any hope of making there by June 7th.  Heck, I may not be able to make it even if I had until July 7th. 

I know I shared this on Facebook, but I’m not sure that I shared it here.  www.HappyLikeThis.com has a new post on the families we have been able to help in the last few months.  Read all about it and be reminded of why our mission to share the joy of Christ really matters.  In other HLT news, we still have not been granted our 501c3 (non profit status) from the IRS.  It’s frustrating, but they work at their own sweet & slow pace even when they aren’t facing furloughs that cut back on the time they have to get things done.  I’m praying for this to be granted very soon so that we can apply for grants to keep funds available as God presents us with families.  Your prayers would be appreciated, not only for the IRS status, but also for the families that we are reaching out to and for each individual who works to make HLT what it is.  We have been waiting for our tax exempt status before holding another fund raiser, because then we could give you a donation receipt for your own tax purposes.  Tax exempt or not, we will have to have some sort of function very soon to keep things going.  I’m thinking that HLT should have a party to celebrate our 2nd birthday, as we were incorporated 2 summers ago.  I’ll let you know as these plans develop. 

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