"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

15+ hours

Alex had physical therapy yesterday afternoon and I went to my chiropractor appointment before running to the pharmacy to get Alex’s refills.  She looked worn out when I got home, but I assumed she was tired from working hard.  I also thought that she was a little irritated with me (and Cheryl) for talking to her about leaving the little patch behind her ear alone.  We had a few days of her messing with it and pulling it off and I was feeling annoyed.  I put a fresh one behind her ear when I got home and then she cried.  That didn’t last more than a few minutes and then I got up to get her 4th feeding and medications of the day.  She took them all just fine.  I washed and put everything away and when I came back to Alex she threw up.  She hasn’t thrown up in such a long time and it scared me.  Thank goodness I was sitting right beside her so that I could wipe her mouth out.  The biggest threat of her vomiting is that she can’t spit it out and could aspirate. 

After that she just looked pitiful.  Her eyes had purple circles around them and she was pale.  I chalked that up to the fact that none of us look very pretty after we vomit.  I sat on the couch and held her.  She seemed so tired and by 5:30pm she was asleep in my arms.  I sat there and held her, despite the fact that the television was playing Disney Channel and the remote was across the room.  Drew got home about 6, surprising me with pink roses, a card and Krispy Kream donuts.  Sweet, sweet man.  I laid Alex on the couch and let her sleep, which she continued to do until almost 9 this morning.  She usually sleeps 10-12 hours a night, but 15+ is very unusual.  Very unusual. 

Drew and I were both concerned (just knowing that little things can be a bid deal for Alex), but we had a nice quiet evening anyway.  Drew grilled steaks outside, I steamed some fresh squash and we had a nice dinner.  We also spent a while patching the pool. 

I took this photo of Drew (which he wasn’t happy about) on Sunday.  I’m not sure if Drew was giving me this look because the pool was leaking, because I was taking a picture of him or because it is now documented that he owns a skeleton shirt! 

june32013 006

We had worked so hard to get everything ready and set up so that we could start filling the pool on Sunday.  We found one small spot on the bottom of the pool and patched it that day.  As the pool continued to fill, more pin hole leaks became evident.  You can’t see them until they are squirting water out of an almost full pool.  So annoying.  I think this is the third year we have had it, so maybe that’s the issue.  I’m guessing that many people who have these pools don’t take the time and put forth the effort to disassemble and store them for the next summer.  I think that I can safely say that summer 2013 will be the final year for this pool… if it survives the summer, that is. 

We started looking at replacement liners, but they are $250+!  To buy this exact pool brand new is now $600!  I know we didn’t pay that much for it.  You also can’t go to the store and buy the replacement liners, so you have to contact the manufacturer, pay shipping and wait for it to arrive.  I’m not spending that kind of money on this pool.  We already had to repair the filter motor last summer.  We decided to go ahead and fill the pool and see how it goes.  It is now full and we are just hoping it holds.  I have a good mind to set up a video camera, just incase the whole thing gives.  At least then we could be on America’s Funniest Videos. 

As for this morning, Alex seems to be feeling more like herself.  She felt well enough to laugh at my hair when I went to get her out of bed, so that’s a good sign.  My dad also isn’t feeling well, nauseated and so tired.  I was beginning to think that he & Alex might have a bug, then Heidi sent me a message that her little girl and husband have both done pretty much the same thing in the last 24 hours.  Sounds to me like it could just be a bug. 

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