"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Alex and I took Grandpa to Grove, OK yesterday to have a consult with Dentures & Dental.  I really didn’t know what to expect and so I was quite surprised to pull into the parking lot with 40 or 50 other cars.  Where I come from the dental offices have 4 or 5 cars at a time.  The building was quite large and not at all fancy.  Don’t get me wrong, it was clean and professional, just nothing fancy.  When we were called back to a patient room, we passed a very large area where multiple people stood, making dentures.  It all seemed very efficient and specialized.  The people were friendly and the dentist was knowledgeable & helpful.  After the denture consultation we were sent to the other end of the building to see a restorative dentist so that the teeth Grandpa will be keeping will be in good shape.  By the time we left I better understood how this place can offer such discounted dentures and dental services… they take out the fluff, are very efficient with the services they offer and the do it all in very large volume.  I think that people drive from a good distance to visit these clinics (which are scattered across the Midwest), so there is never a shortage of patients. 

As for Grandpa in particular… he will be having oral surgery (in Fayetteville) to extract quite a few of his teeth soon.  It was decided that he should wait 2-3 weeks after the oral surgery and then come back for dentures (because of his current dental situation).  He will be getting a full denture on top, a partial on bottom and only needs a cleaning on his remaining teeth.  It was all good news and significantly cheaper than other estimates we have received. 

Alex is definitely worn out this morning.  She did great, but next time I need to take Grandpa to the dentist (or any other doctor) I will arrange for Alex to stay at home. 

Her therapy in the pool with Cheryl is going well.  with the help of a life jacket (with head support) she is able to float a bit more independently and I can only imagine that the buoyancy feels so good to her body.  I really don’t do much to help, maybe hold onto Alex’s top half now and then so Cheryl can stretch and work Alex’s bottom half.  Cheryl should probably be getting paid double… once for doing physical therapy with Alex and once more for listening to me babble the entire time.  Anyway, despite me not really knowing how to help, being in the water and the sunshine for 45 minutes is nice and Alex really enjoys it.  I think it also relaxes her some, which is quite a feat. 

Heidi comes this afternoon and I’m going to hit the gym.  I’m noticing that as the weather has warmed up that more and more people are running and posting their times on Facebook.  I’ve done just the opposite.  I’ve been walking/jogging for 9 or 10 months now and this is what I’ve learned… I thought I wanted to do a 5k, but now I don’t think I do.  I now know that running on asphalt hurts my hips and legs.  I like taking Alex for a walk, but when it’s 95 degrees outside I would really rather get my exercise at the gym.  We enjoyed walking before summer arrived, but now I just feel like I spend our entire walk watching for snakes and swatting away bugs and worrying about Alex getting too hot.  I’m an inside kind of girl, y’all.  (In the air conditioning or in the water, that is.)  My point… I currently have no interest in a 5k or any other group run/race.  If you need me then I will be in one of two places… walking with Alex or in my own personal bubble at the gym.  I like it that way.  For now.  I can’t promise that I won’t ever change my mind. 

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