"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, June 14, 2013


Drew made it home yesterday evening and has taken today off to spend with us.   Alex was thrilled to see her daddy.  Seeing him was the icing on her cake… the cake being our water therapy with Cheryl that afternoon.  It felt so lovely to get in the water and we can’t wait to get back in today. 

We would already be in the pool, but our day got off to an unexpected start when we found that the carpet in the hallway had a wet spot.  Upon inspection, Drew figured out that the air conditioner was sweating more than usual because it is having to run a lot.  We think we’ve taken care of it… fingers crossed. 

After tending to that issue, I had to to run to Walmart for a few things.  Am I the only one that groans when a relatively short shopping list adds up to $200?  Things like razors, shaving cream, dog food and Bed Mats add up in a hurry.  Add in normal groceries and the bill sucks.  The only good thing about a bill that size is that we are pretty much set for the next two weeks.  I will brag on myself a bit and mention that I did ALL of my grocery shopping on the edges of the store.  Think about it… all the junk, processed and pre-packaged foods are on the interior aisles.  I stayed completely on the edges and felt sort of awesome.  Dairy, meat and produce are all on the edges and that’s where I stayed.  Just one more tip, in case you are looking to shop healthier. 

I’m home now (duh) and Drew has run to get the oil changed in his truck.  Alex is trying to be patient for our swimming time, and so am I.  I think I want to get in as much as she does.  I did spend $7.50 on a new swimsuit for her.  Last summer she had a tankini that kept her covered and still allowed access to her feeding tube button and made for easy diaper changes.  It would seem that she has gotten longer since last summer, so I got her a one piece today.   We are no longer spending such extended periods of time in the pool that we need to get to her button and the swim diapers are really just because she feels like she needs them.  Even last summer she didn’t need them or ever have an accident, but when I tried to let her go without she got upset.  I guess she just feels more secure with a swim diaper on, so we let her wear it.  Anyway, it’s back to a one piece for her this summer and that should keep her little body covered.  If you ever want to see Drew panic, pretend like you are going to buy his daughter a bikini.  He wouldn’t have it, I tell you! 

Okay, Drew is home and Alex is coming unglued to swim.  Must go! 

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