"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Cool

Drew had to go into the office today.  Yeah, yeah… Wal-Mart… new project… deadline… tons of money… blah… blah…

Whatever.  Not cool.  What about poor Aunt Mandy taking care of a toddler BOY all day by herself?!  A BOY, I tell you.  What do I do with a BOY?! 

Okay, perhaps I’m overreacting here.  Yes, I’m definitely overreacting.  Still, it’s a bummer that he wasn’t able to work from home today because JR sure does like Uncle Drew.  He will have to settle for just Crazy Aunt Mandy for most of today. 

I’m having a good time making a big deal out of this, but the truth is that JR is really quite easy to care for and pretty easy to please.  As long as I’m not put in charge of potty training then we should be fine.  Ha ha. 

Alex and I sure are sinus stuffy the last couple of days.  I can tell by the way that she is breathing that she feels the same way that I do.  It’s not a matter of blowing one’s nose, it’s just sinus congestion and pressure in our heads.  There’s a cold front moving in that should drop our daily high temperatures from 95-100 (yesterday) to 80-85 (the next few days).  That probably won’t help the sinus pressure any, but I’m sure everyone’s air conditioners and electricity bills will be thankful for a lesser work load. 

Have I mentioned how I feel about Nick Jr television shows?  Little Bear?  Peppa Pig?  Sadly, those are actually tolerable when compared to the craziness that is Team Umizoomi, Ni-Hao Kai-lan, Tickety Toc and what’s up with the weird costumed critters that dance and sing?  Is that Yo Gabba Gabba?  Talk about creepy!  Don’t even mention Dora.  Okay, fine… now that it’s out there… let’s talk about Dora.  She’s a preschooler, right?  Then where the heck are her parents?  Why did she have a cell phone in her backpack?  Why is she wandering through the woods with no one but a monkey wearing boots? 

I tell you, too much Nick Jr. could drive a girl to drinking.  We do watch a lot of television, given how much time we spend inside and Alex’s limited abilities, but we definitely turn the television off for certain periods just to get a break from it all.  Play games, read books, etc.  Heck we even have spontaneous dance parties, but they can only last as long as I can hold her.  Thank God for Alex’s therapists. 

For one hour on Tuesdays, Alex sits up on the couch with Heidi and actively participates and converses.  I am really proud of how Alex is conversing with me and others using her computer on a daily basis.  Yes, she knows the computer well, but she is also able to effectively communicate with it.  I used to be pleased when she pushed one button with appropriate intention, but now she communicates quite fluently. 

Alex: I’m wet. 

Me: Are you really?

Alex:  Yes. 

Me: Okay, let me get a pull-up.  (then proceed with changing her)

Alex:  Thank you. 

Me: You are quite welcome. 

It is simple, but it is a complete conversation in which she explains the situation, answers my question and expresses thanks.  My point… I’m so grateful for Heidi, not just because she comes here, but because of all she does to help Alex express herself.

And Cheryl… she spends 45 minutes, twice a week, with Alex in our home.  Whether that time is spent in the living room floor or the pool, it is as socially important for Alex as it is physically important.  Yesterday Cheryl brought a box full of rubber ducks that we set loose in the pool.  With Alex’s life jacket on and head supported, Cheryl guided her around the pool to collect the ducks one at a time and take them back to the box.  Can you just imagine how wonderful it must feel for Alex to move her body freely and be so buoyant? 

I think I talk about Heidi and Cheryl a lot, but they are really important to Alex, special to me and we appreciate them so much. 

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