"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In my quest to do something productive… I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the face of all the kitchen cabinets on Monday.  We have white cabinets, so drips and spills are much more obvious.  I felt quite accomplished when I was done. 

Have you ever cleaned your washing machine?  Am I the only one who thinks that that is just absurd.  It’s a WASHING machine, so why would I need to wash it?  Seems to me that washing machines should be born with the innate ability to wash themselves!  Well, I kept seeing things on Pinterest on how to do it and then I realized that our freshly washed clothes still smelled a little off.  Yep,  I did it.  I washed the washing machine.  I’ve just started my first load of laundry since cleaning it yesterday, so I'm not sure if it’s made any difference.  I can tell you this… I was shocked at how dirty it was.  Here’s what I did… filled the empty washer with hot water, leaving the lid open so that it would not proceed with the cycle once it was full.  Then I added 2 cups of distilled white vinegar (that stuff is a miracle substance), turned off the cycle and shut the lid.  I let it sit for a while (30 minutes?) and then opened the lid.  It had had time to steam up a little and most of the surface stuff just wiped right off.  The bleach dispenser was yucky, so I took it off and it rinsed right off.  To my surprise, what was underneath the bleach dispenser was disgusting.  I used paper towels for all of this because it didn’t make much sense to dirty up a towel to clean the washing machine and then put it in the washing machine with the laundry.  I’m hoping I’m not the only one who doesn’t often look very close at all the nooks and crannies in the washer.  Once I took a closer look (which does require more than just looking straight into the tub), I found plenty that needed cleaning.  Gross.  Just gross.  Once I was satisfied with everything I could reach, I just shut the lid, restarted the cycle and let it finish.  I’m hoping the clothes come out smelling like the detergent now, with no trace of anything strange.  I still think it’s dumb to have to wash the washer, but maybe that’s just me. 

In other news… my simple 20 minute beginner yoga in the living room yesterday has left my core feeling like I’ve been in a street fight… and lost.  No, not from the corpse pose, I have that one mastered.  Since I can’t remember all the pose names, let me explain what has left me feeling the burn.  Get on your hands and knees, arms straight and hands directly under shoulders with knees directly under hips.  Ignore Alex as she laughs at you.  Keep your spine straight from your head to your bum.  No big deal right?  Just wait.  Hold that position and extend your right arm out in front of you, making sure you are straight as a board from your fingers to your bum.  Still not impressed?  Now extend your left leg behind you, making sure you are straight as a board from the fingers of your right hand to the toes of your left foot.  Now hold it.  Go on, hold it.  Hold it for what feels like forever.  Keep your back and neck straight and don’t sag.  Once you’ve held this for an eternity, go back to all fours and then repeat the pose with your left arm and right leg.  I knew I was working it when I was doing it, but I didn’t really know until I woke up this morning.  Holy Cow.  Is that a yoga mantra?  Holy Cow?  Well, it should be. 

Now that I’ve disclosed my first yoga adventure (the first since college, I believe) and how I use white vinegar to clean things… we may as well go all hippy and talk about Bob Dylan again.  I came across Adele’s version of “To Make You Feel My Love” and loved it.  I really only know that song as Garth Brooks sang it in the 90’s.  I was only partially surprised to learn that Bob Dylan wrote it.  One of two things is happening here… either Bob Dylan has written 90% of the songs in existence or I am just drawn to his lyrics above most others.  Anyway, that song is my latest quest on the guitar.  It’s pretty rough right now because I can’t seem to make my fingers hit certain chords.  I’m working on it though and enjoying the process. 

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