"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big Girl?

No, not Alex.  Me.  Am I a big girl?  99.9% of the time I feel like a kid trying to do the grown up thing.  Yesterday I got an invitation to join LinkedIn.  I knew vaguely what it was because of Drew, but I never even considered that it would apply to me.  You see, it’s a professional networking site.  Professional?  Me? I’m just Mandy.  

Regardless, I was intrigued and wound up making a profile.  Mainly, I thought that it might help Happy Like This. 

Step one.  Job history.  Well, I don’t really have one of those.  I included Happy Like This, but other than that I could only include a one year stint as a Connected In Christ coach.  I don’t think anybody needs or wants to know about the jobs I had as a high school/college kid. 

Step two.  Education.  Hey!  I have one of those!  Put me down for that!  Wahoo! 

A profile photo?  You mean, a picture of just me?  I’m a mom and that means that pretty much every photo of me in the last 10 years also has at least one child in it.  Something presentable and professional?   That’s a challenge, too.  I finally went back to our photos from Palm Beach this spring (when I was all fixed up) and cropped to make a photo of just me.  I think it’s okay.  I think.  Although, after I did that I got to wondering something silly.  How old do I look?  Do I look like a grown up, whatever that is?  A typical day at home surely says, “Grown woman, wife & full time mom” but what about just me?  Just Mandy?  I don’t know.  I guess one of two things is possible.  One: I look like the thirty something that I am.  Two: I look like I feel… a kid.  Either one is just peachy.   

So, if you are on LinkedIn then you should look me up.  I don’t think it can hurt anything for HLT to be out there in one more way.  As for me personally, I don’t want or need a job right now, so professional networking doesn’t feel that important.  Well, I HAVE a job, I just don’t get a paycheck for it, and I am okay with that.  Still, I think we all know that the future can bring just about anything, so maybe I’m just being proactive here. 

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