"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good busy

Alex and I went to Fayetteville this morning.  We picked up Nonnie and went to the square for Farmer’s Market.  I got some okra to try a new method of cooking tonight.  The sweet lady running that particular booth noticed me showing the okra to Alex and letting her touch it as I explained what it was and what I was going to do with it.  She walked around and gave Alex a small bag of cherry tomatoes and a cucumber.  Alex enjoyed seeing the different veggies and I will include her when I’m cooking tonight.  Nonnie bought some eggplant and Alex liked the fact that it was purple.  I showed her two different ones, to see how some are large and some are small.  She took the small one from me and put it to her ear like a telephone.  Silly girl.  We also some some beautiful flowers.  I pointed out some big beautiful pink flowers to her and she actually said, in her own sweet little voice, “Emma.”  I agreed with her that Emma would have loved those flowers.  It’s been quite a long time since I heard Alex say any word and it was all the more sweet for that word to be her sister’s name. 

After the Farmer’s Market we met up with Jessica & JR and went to Arsaga’s for a snack.  Arsaga’s is a local coffee shop and they have a location in the old train depot downtown.  I had a delicious chef salad and we enjoyed visiting for a while.  JR drank his orange juice, but was pretty bummed that he couldn’t leave his glass on the table and still drink from the straw.  Perhaps I could earn some Crazy Aunt Mandy points if I kept a stash of bendy straws in my truck for moments like those. 

Now that we are back home, Alex is resting in the floor and I’ve taken it upon myself to rearrange outdoor furniture.  We got new cushions for our patio furniture this spring, but we’ve struggled with where to put it all so that we can use it and the dogs won’t abuse it.  It started on the front patio, but the birds took its presence as a target challenge for pooping.  Then we moved it to the back porch and I spent $30 on covers so that the dogs wouldn’t tear up the cushions.  That part of the plan worked, but we wound up never taking the covers off and actually using the furniture.  New plan… take down the front porch swing and put the furniture under the covered part of the front porch.  That worked out fairly well and then I swept out the back porch.  I’m fairly sure that I swept up enough dog hair to cover an entirely new dog.  If there was such a thing as dog wigs, then my dogs could support the industry.  Now, for the porch swing, I don’t want to get rid of it.  I don’t know that there is a support beam on the back porch that is strong enough to support it, but perhaps my handy husband could come up with another solution?  I looked up a A frame for a swing on Lowes.com and quickly realized they are not cheap.  $200, not cheap!  Now I’m thinking one of two things… Drew could make an A frame or he could make a base so that we could turn the swing into a bench.  Either solution would allow us to put it on the back porch and give Drew a project.  The best thing about this rearranging is that since the swing isn’t upholstered, it can be used on the back porch without the dogs tearing it up when they are outside. 

So, Alex and I have had a busy first half of the day, but it’s a good busy.  We are going to have therapy in the pool this afternoon and she always loves that.  I might like it a little bit, too.  

Drew has been a working machine this week.  Early mornings and late nights… chalking up more than 25 hours on just Monday and Tuesday.  He didn’t get home until after 8pm on both days, which means that Alex hadn’t seen him since Sunday evening.  He was able to come home on time yesterday and Alex sure was happy to see her daddy.  Of course I don’t like it when he works such long hours, but I did have some warning for this week.  When I know more of what to expect it makes it easier to deal with.  I’ve still had a touch of off/on headache the last couple days, but nothing compared to how I felt on Monday.  On Monday it was so awful that just talking about it made me cry.  My chiropractor adjustment on Monday, workout on Tuesday, drinking plenty of water and not eating much junk have all seemed to help.  Heck, last night I was feeling so good and giggly that Drew actually said, “Have you been drinking?”  He was joking of course, because even on the rare occasion that I have an alcoholic drink, I can’t finish half of it.  So, no, I had not been drinking, I was just happy to have Drew at home.

I have a prayer request to share with you all…

My mom and her husband Ken are on their way to Tulsa today.  Ken has a history of severe back pain and they have found a specialist in Tulsa that believes he can help.  If I understand it correctly, his spine is narrowing and that puts lots of pressure on nerves that need room to function properly and without pain.  Tomorrow morning he will be having surgery.  Please keep them in your prayers during the surgery and the next few weeks as he recovers.  This surgery is much less invasive than other options, so hopefully that will help with a quicker recovery.  His recovery is even more important because last week they received some other health news… Ken has prostate cancer.  They will be seeing an oncologist soon to plan necessary treatment.  The good news is that they have caught it early and it has not spread to any other areas.  With timely and proper treatment (surgery and/or radiation) the doctors are hopeful that they can get rid of the cancer. 

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