"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I got a good run in yesterday and again today while Alex had therapy, so that’s good.  This afternoon, however, seems to be dragging on and on.  It’s crazy hot outside, so I really have to keep Alex inside.  Even running around for no particular reason is out of the question because of the heat.  I’ve got to go through the toy box/home school stuff and pull out some new games and puzzles.  I’m way past tired of Sponge Bob memory game and Candy Land.  We’ve watched too much television today, too. 

As long as I’m talking about television, let me say this… we really must admit to ourselves (as parents & caregivers) that we aren’t letting our kids watch Nickelodeon because it’s educational.  The announcements at the beginning of Nick Jr shows that tell us what our kids are about to learn are largely just to placate us.  It just feels to me to be a way to feel not so bad about your kid sitting in front of the television.  Maybe there is a small amount of truth to the statement that Max & Ruby are teaching valuable social skills, but social skills come from interacting with others… not the television screen.  So, hey parents, let’s just own the fact that our kids are watching television (and this station in particular) ‘just because’.  There’s no good reason, really.  It’s just something we do.  Here’s the honest truth:  Alex enjoys it and the television is one tiny thing in her world that she can control.  At this particular moment in time she is watching television because I’m tired and this day has lasted forever. 

Drew must be crazy busy at work, because I haven’t heard from him all day.  I’m hoping that doesn’t translate to working late tonight.  That really wouldn’t help with the day that is dragging on. 

I’m really not that fascinated with the royal family, but it’s all over the news today.  My biggest hang up is that I just don’t really understand the dynamic of having a royal family.  I just don’t get it.  It seems to me to be quite excessive and ornamental.  Again, I don’t understand it, so I won’t make judgments… here’s what I will say about it… Every baby is a blessing and I’m glad that labor & delivery went well for Kate, but I could say that to/about any new mom & baby.  I’m terribly thankful that I didn’t have to put on high heels and stand in front of the world 24 hours after I gave birth.  Kate had a boy, but I think that ‘Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra’ has a nice ring to it.  Last night I joked Alex that I would be calling her that from now on.  She was so sleepy at the time that she really didn’t care what I called her.  The news says that bookies are making a hefty chunk as people bet on what the baby’s name will be.  I wonder if Kate & William really get to name their own baby or if that is largely influenced by the powers that be?  I mean, what if they wanted to make up some crazy name?  Or pronounce it as a ‘normal’ name, but spell it some strange way?  Or is that just an American thing?  That entire idea is probably moot, but wouldn’t it be funny if they announced that the baby was to be named Javaughntaiy?  Don’t laugh, that’s really a name I read in the news the other day.  I think we can feel fairly confident that they won’t be stealing the name of any American celebrity baby.  Prince North West, anyone?  I don’t think so. 

Okay, I’m just killing time and wasting brain cells here, so I best put the computer down, turn the television off and plug back in to my sweet and patient child.  What child?  Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, of course. 

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