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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 22, 2013

Stuff & More Stuff

Drew and I had a good giggle yesterday morning over the two extreme versions of Mandy.  There’s the no-make-up-frizzy-haired-running-shorts-and-tank-top Mandy and then there’s shiny-straight-haired-cute-dress-bit-of-make-up Mandy.  It’s like Bruce Banner versus The Hulk.  That analogy could actually go much farther than my looks, but we’ll leave that for another day!  Anyway, I was feeling pretty as we were leaving for church yesterday morning, so I thought I’d snap of photo of me and Alex.  This is what I got. 

july222013 002

july222013 001

So I handed the camera to Drew and asked him to take a photo of us. 

july222013 004

But Drew can’t just take one photo, he has to turn it into a full on photo shoot! 

july222013 005

Pay no attention to all the blankets and pillows in the living room, please.  

july222013 006

july222013 010

july222013 011

Yeah, so that was all before we even left for church.  During church the kids & volunteers sang a couple of songs from last week’s VBS and Alex waved her arms and joined in.  It was pretty great. 

After church I decided that the drizzly rain and cooler temperatures made for a perfect napping afternoon.  Drew wasn’t interested, so at 1pm I left Alex with him and laid down by myself for a nap.  I woke up after an hour, but decided that I was just going to take advantage of the opportunity.  The next time I opened my eyes it was 4pm!  Holy cow!  A three hour nap!  I felt a little guilty, until I walked into the living room and found Alex chilling on her pallet in the floor and Drew snoring on the couch!  I guess the napping powers of the day were just too strong to fight :) 

This morning Alex and I went to the post office to check HLT mail box again.  I really can’t express my gratitude for each individual who has given in the last couple of weeks.  In the last 10 days HLT has received more than $250 to continue our mission.  I am humbled and blessed to be the middle man for these loving gifts.  Because of each of your gifts, I have the privilege of giving to some pretty awesome families.  After a drive through the bank to deposit these gifts, we stopped at the school admin building to pick up the paper work to home school for the 2013-2014 school year.  Oddly enough, the building is not very wheelchair/stroller friendly, so I just carried Alex inside with me.  The lady at the desk was kind, as always, and told Alex how gorgeous she was.  Alex just ate that up, wiggling, waving and smiling. 

Did I ever post a follow up to the mandatory testing issue last spring?  Just in case, we received a letter about a month later stating that she has been permanently excused from mandatory state testing.  It is a relief to know that we will not have to argue her ability in the future.  Dr. LePichon’s (her neurologist) letter was more than sufficient in explaining why she cannot take such tests and I am grateful for how the system has worked. 

Home schooling in general is a year to year situation in which the parent/guardian must declare their intention to home school.  I will fill it out and turn it in soon.  It is not an application, but a declaration, so it does not balance on anyone’s approval.  The paperwork involves Alex’s basic information and an outline of what we intend to do for her home schooling.  She will technically be in the 4th grade this year, since we delayed kindergarten by one year in the beginning.  I always include her therapy time on the forms, since the interaction and activities that she has during that one-on-one time is so valuable.  I do take into consideration the books that we read, games we play, places we go, people we visit and activities that we do.  We aren’t a typical home school family, but lets face it, we aren’t typical in many other ways either!  I am grateful for the right to choose this lifestyle and approach to caring for and teaching Alex. 

Update on Ken: Mom said that yesterday was quite painful and he’s having some weird nerve sensations in his legs.  Hopefully his recovery will continue on with less pain and more function in the days to come.  Thank you for keeping them in your prayers and keep it up. 

I talked to Grandpa this morning and he is doing fairly well.  Lucky (grandpa’s dog) had a few days of tummy problems, but is feeling better today.  Don’t laugh, the health and wellbeing of that dog are very much tied to the health and wellbeing of Grandpa!  Grandpa’s gums are healing from his oral surgery earlier this month.  Dad is doing a great job of making sure Grandpa has good food that is easy for him to eat and in the next week or two I will call and set up the appointment to have his dentures made.  I just don’t want to jump the gun before his gums have really healed enough to handle the molding and wearing of dentures.

Speaking of Dad, he went to Fleet Feet in Fayetteville and got a new pair of athletic shoes a few weeks ago.  You know I love Fleet Feet and shopping local!  After wearing my nasty old sneakers to mow the yard last week, I love my running shoes ever more and love to hear when someone else feels the same.  A good pair of properly fitted shoes makes such a difference!  I did find it interesting that after assessing Dad’s feet, they chose a pair of Brooks shoes for him.  That is what I wound up with back in January.  My feet may look like my mom’s but they behave like my dad’s.  Dad says his shoes are quite ‘loud’ with all the colors, but I say they just have personality!  The icing on this cake is that he gave them my account info when he made his purchase, so I have $15 in credit to spend soon.  I have to get to Fayetteville this weekend and spend that credit before it expires! 

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