"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, July 5, 2013

What a difference

I posted quite honestly this morning about feeling overwhelmed.  Well, what a difference a couple of hours can make!  Drew got up early this morning to go fishing and Alex & I got up and had a fairly ‘normal’ morning.  We did laundry, dishes, played Memory and Candy Land.  I even pulled out the exercise ball for a while.  We have no plans for today or tomorrow and that feel nice.  I put Alex in the stroller to spend some time outside with Drew when he got home.  We helped him cover the boat and get it back into the back yard.  I blew bubbles for Alex and you would have thought I was doing a comedy routine.  Apparently I’m not the best bubble blower. 

Since my head is back in a more ‘Mandy’ sort of place, let’s bounce the topic around a bit. 

Earlier this month the American Medical Association reclassified obesity as a disease.  My first thought was what difference would it make?  I’ve read several more articles on the subject and opinions seems to be mixed on what that will actually do.  Some say that insurance would start paying for lap band or gastric bypass surgeries.  Some addressed the other health risks that often accompany obesity (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) and thought doctors and insurance companies would approach things differently with the new classification.  I’m not really sure what, if anything, will come of it.  I’m certain it won’t happen over night.  I did read one article that sounded great to me… claiming that the AMA’s new distinction could spread to insurance companies and that COULD mean that things such as gym memberships COULD possibly be covered in the future.  Surely you know how I feel about medical insurance by now, but if there is a chance that they would cover expenses for gym memberships and trainers to teach us how to get up and get moving  and keep us motivated then that is awesome.  I know that there is much need right now to treat obesity and the diseases that accompany it, but I really believe that teaching & encouraging healthy & active lifestyles could prevent so much obesity in the future.  Really, why would an insurance company not want to do that?  If there was some accountability, meaning a person actually utilized the opportunity, then the health benefits could be huge… which would save the insurance companies so much money.  Of course, you should remember that I tend to be an idealist and not understand the business side of things.  Whatever happens, insurance companies and doctors aren’t going to change over night, but wouldn’t it be cool if they did eventually?  Now that would be HEALTH insurance. 

Until (or IF) that ever happens, we are just going to have to be our own advocates.  We should be anyway.  Paid gym memberships don’t help anything if we don’t utilize them.  Of course, the gym isn’t for everyone.  It isn’t about special machines or rows of treadmills… it’s about living a healthy and active lifestyle.  The gym can only ever be a small part of that, and for many it doesn’t have to be a part at all.  

Pinterest.  I follow a few different health/fitness boards and recently saw one that suggested something silly.  It was addressing misconceptions about eating healthy and the one that irritated me was about salads.  Lots of people think that if they are eating a salad then they are eating healthy.  This particular post said that if you are adding dressings, cheese, etc to your salad then you may as well not bother.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Sure, if you are looking to lose weight then you should be aware that lots of salad add ons and dressings are loaded with fat and calories.  Those things can sabotage weight loss goals, but I don’t think we should ever just give up on a salad.  Our bodies need and appreciate all the veggies.  Want some advice from a complete amateur (me)?  Eat the salad.  Pile up the veggies.  Add in some romaine lettuce and spinach (the dark leafy greens are much healthier than just ice burg lettuce).  Then… add some more veggies.  I find that I like my carrots, cucumbers, etc shredded instead of whole or sliced… that way I don’t even realize I’m eating them.  If you need cheese, croutons and/or dressing then go ahead.  I buy reduced fat cheese and am perfectly happy with it.  I drizzle my dressing instead of globbing it on.  Sometimes I keep my dressing on the side and just dip my fork into it before each bite.  In all honesty, I would rather have a little bit of real Ranch dressing than a bunch of fat free or light Ranch.  My point?  You may not be eating as light as you think you are, but all those veggies give you vitamins, minerals and fiber.  That’s a good thing!

This has taken me a bit longer to rant about that I predicted.  Let’s call it a day. 

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