"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 19, 2013


Thanks to this blog, you were all privy to the struggle that was last week.  Today is going much better, so I thought someone might like to know.  Nothing has really changed except the way we are handling things.  Like I said last week, Alex just needed us to slow down the pace and take it easy.  That is what we are doing and it seems to make things more manageable.  We hold her and snuggle when she needs it and are respecting her boundaries & limits.  For example, this weekend was beautiful.  Drew needed to mow the yard and I asked Alex if she wanted to sit in her stroller to go for a walk or hang outside with Daddy.  She said no.  Bummer, but I can understand that that isn’t comfortable for her right now. 

We do have plans to clean up, rearrange and set up the back porch for some fall football watching.  We enjoyed that so much last fall and I’m looking forward to it again.  The only problem with that is that I want to eat chips and cheese dip during such events.  Football and cheese dip just go together.  A little bit would be one thing, but it never fails that by the end of the evening I am crouched over the crock pot and shoveling it in! 

Drew started draining the pool yesterday.  Alex pushed the button to say, “That’s a bummer.”  Yeah, it is a bummer, but it is the reasonable thing to do.  We haven’t been able to enjoy it for weeks because of the rain and cooler weather.  There’s really no sense in putting forth the time and money to maintain it when it’s getting down to the 60’s at night.  It might warm up for a while longer, but we decided it was just time to close shop.  We are keeping the ladder, pump/filter and all that stuff, but once the pool is empty we are going to say goodbye to the liner itself.  We spent a good deal of time patching holes this summer and don’t feel like it will make it through another winter of storage and be usable next summer.  Three summers for this sort of pool is still pretty good, right?  When next summer arrives we will decide whether or not we want to replace the liner and put up a pool.  Disclaimer:  When I say WE, I really mean DREW.  I helped very little yesterday, he’s the muscle around here. 

The local public schools started back today.  I enjoyed getting on facebook this morning and seeing everyone’s first day photos.  I would say that we are all quite blessed to live in a place where we get to choose from such wonderful options for our children.  Is the system perfect?  Nope, but we really are blessed.  Public school, private school, home school or some combination… I am grateful for the choice. 

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