"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 12, 2013

So much

There’s so much that I’d love to share about our weekend.  The Happy Like This fundraiser was amazing and I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people who came to support our cause.  I swear that 20 minutes in I had tears in my eyes as people kept pouring in.  Until that moment I hadn’t realized how stressed I had been that nobody would show up.  For days I had actually been making a mental list of people that I was fairly sure would come.  During that process I could name about 30 people that would probably be there and I was just hoping that it would be that many.  You all really amazed me and from 4pm-almost 8pm (yes, we ran over!) we had more than 80 people who came by Cherry Berry to support us!  Remember, that is just the number of people that I could count and name once the evening was over and doesn’t include people that I didn’t know and the other Cherry Berry customers who were there. 

Let me say this… I am really not a social butterfly.  It makes me nervous and the anticipation of such events gives me a certain degree of anxiety for days (or a weeks) before the event.  This hosting, socializing and greeting of guests is really not in my comfort zone.  Having said that, I am so very honored to get to play that role every now and then for the sake of the HLT mission.  Once we arrived at Cherry Berry the evening took on a life of its own.  My smiles were sincere and my appreciation for everyone who was there was genuine.  Really, thank you all so much. 

By the end of the night our donation/t-shirt money bucket had almost $400 in it!  Cherry Berry wrote us a check for $41, which was 10% of their sales from 4-7.  Lots of people shopped Kelly’s Kids, Thirty One, Origami Owl and IzzyDogDesigns and that will all be figured once the parties are officially closed.  In addition to the money that will be donated from the sales of these product parties, we have earned free products from Kelly’s Kids and Thirty One for hosting the party.  I have a special family that’s been nominated to shop for goodies with the hostess benefits that we’ve earned.  I am so very grateful to Britt, Michelle and Jessica for volunteering their time, efforts and commission for the benefit of HLT. 

A few photos from the party…

Britt setting up her Thirty One bags

HLTaug102013 001

Michelle setting up her Kelly’s Kids clothing

HLTaug102013 002

Jessica setting up her Origami Owl jewelry

HLTaug102013 003

HLTaug102013 008 

Alex sat near the door with Poppy to greet guests

HLTaug102013 017

Robert brought Alex flowers (which are now on display in the living room)

HLTaug102013 007

4 of the Palmer kiddos

HLTaug102013 009

and the 5th

HLTaug102013 011

Casey, Sasha and Tessa surprised everyone when they showed up.  Here is Tessa with Grandpa.

HLTaug102013 012

Alex, Lorelai and L’s cousin

HLTaug102013 016

John & Joanie

HLTaug102013 018

Drew & Zoe

HLTaug102013 019

‘Big’ Alex, John & Pat

HLTaug102013 021

Nonnie & Alex

HLTaug102013 022

Tessa was rocking pink & purple toes for HLT!

HLTaug102013 023

Elaine & Alex

HLTaug102013 024

JR & Alex

HLTaug102013 027

Mollie & Henry

HLTaug102013 030

Sasha & Misty

HLTaug102013 031

Kids, Kids, everywhere! 

HLTaug102013 032

And by the end of the evening Drew & Ron were literally restraining little boys on a sugar high :)

HLTaug102013 039

It was really a great event and, as usual, I wish I had more photos to share.  Next time we have a large event I think we should have a designated photographer that isn’t me.  I really can’t take pictures and greet everyone like I need to.  Maybe even a photo booth area for people to take pics and by silly? 

I snapped these before Casey and Sasha left.  Sasha is due in just a week or two, so a belly photo was really necessary. 

HLTaug102013 035

For the record, I did not make Casey pose for this… it was completely his idea! 

HLTaug102013 037

Alex did so great all through the evening.  Drew tried to take her home for a feeding, medication and rest about 6:30 and she cried.  She was absolutely not willing to leave the fun.  She stayed the entire night and even once everyone was gone and we were packing up the truck, she still cried because it was over. 

I anticipated yesterday being a hard day for her as she recovered from the fun, but she really did fairly well.  Today has been not as great.  I spent the first 4 hours of our day holding her and trying to help her find some comfort.  She has been laying in the floor by herself for a little while now and is doing okay, but is asking for me to hold her.  That, my friends, is something you don’t say not to just to play on the computer.  She finds comfort in my arms and that gives me comfort. 

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