"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


At this very moment…

I am sitting on the couch with my computer, because writing clears my mind.

I am eating a handful of tortilla chips and washing them down with sweet iced tea, because Weight Watchers is annoying me. 

I am looking out the window at this beautiful sunny day, because the sunshine feeds me even when I’m indoors. 

Alex is asking me about Heidi & Cheryl, because she always looks forward to therapy with two of her favorite gals… no matter the day. 

Alex is flipping channels between Nick HD and Nick Jr, because those are obviously the only channels worth watching. 

Foose is spread out on the kitchen floor, because the tile nice and cool. 

Toto is passed out in the living room floor, because he’s old and Emma’s pink fluffy blanket has always been his favorite. 

Mac is laying on the back of the couch and looking out the window like a cat, because he’s too prissy to lay in the floor alone when I won’t let him in my lap. 

Drew is at work, because somebody has to bring home the bacon. 

Okay, that’s what we are doing right now.  Just because.  Wait, am I the only one thinking about bacon now?  In other news…

I’ve washed dishes this morning.  They seem to magically multiply when I’m not looking.  Really, how does the pile grow so quickly? 

How am I just now falling in love with The Colbert Report?  Honestly, who couldn’t use a little witty humor at the expense of all the political crazy in the world? 

I grouted the tile backsplash in the bathroom last night.  It looks lovely, but there’s just no getting around the fact that the walls need to be repainted now. 

Not to harp on the bacon thing, but I could really go for a BLT right now.  Seriously. 

I’ve found a couple of apps for my phone that Alex is enjoying.  It gives us something to do while I’m holding her.  These are preschool level activities with shapes, letters, matching, patterns, etc.  (FYI, I would guess that her cognitive function is that of a 4 or 5 year old.  We worked very very hard to learn all of these things in the past, but that’s where we seem to have topped out in the academic respect.  I would very much argue that her emotional maturity far surpasses that of a 4 or 5 year old.)  Back to the learning apps, she understands all of these things, but her lack of motor control is definitely an issue.  Sometimes she can complete the activities on her own, but sometimes I have to hold her hand and help her.  I would say that we usually don’t play any particular game or activity more than 10 minutes before she is so tired that she can’t even touch the screen without her entire body tensing and twisting.  I hate this for her, but am thankful for the small bits of time that she gets to show what she understands and complete certain tasks.  It must make her feel good… sort of like when I finish a crossword puzzle?  I would think that’s a fairly accurate comparison, since they are things that she is mentally capable of doing with a bit of effort.  Of course, on top of her knowledge and understanding of these given concepts, she shows such determination & strength in dealing with the physical obstacles that keep her from expressing herself.  I did find a long lost tub of books when we cleaned out the girls’ toy stash this weekend, so I am about to pull those out for us to read while sitting together.  She is tolerating laying in the floor okay, but that doesn’t mean that she is comfortable there. 

So… I’m going to refill my sweet iced tea, gather a new pile of books and hold Alex, because that is exactly what I’m meant to do. 

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