"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So help me.  (Insert curses here.) 

Yesterday I told you about our escape dog.  Grrr. 

After work Drew went to Lowes and spent $150 that we did not have to replace the chain link fence on one side of the yard that simply could not be patched any more.  He spent all evening (and well into the dark) tearing down the old fence, burying landscape timbers in the ground, putting up new chain link and securing said chain link to the landscape timbers.  It looks lovely and we felt sure that the dogs were trapped in the back yard for good. 

Fast forward… 20 minutes after Drew left for work this morning… Mac is scratching at the front door.  (Insert more curses here.)  I put on the first pair of shoes I found and took myself outside to check it out.  It was clear, from Mac’s muddy paws, that he did the digging.  Then, there I was, standing in the back yard, holding a shovel and wearing my red heart boxer shorts, tank top and running shoes.  Awesome.  I’m sure the neighbors are loving this.  When I realized that I was wearing my beloved running shoes in the wet grass, walking through the muddy earth lining the new fence, I took my pretty self back inside.  Okay… back to the yard, this time with the addition of a bra and my yard work shoes.  Poor Alex was lying in the living room floor and being incredibly patient. 

For the record, the entire new fence line is holding up fine, even with evidence of the dogs trying to dig out before hitting the timbers buried under the fence line.  So, where did he get out?  By the tree.  Drew buried the timbers along the entire fence line and as close to the tree (that is directly on the fence line) as possible before the root system made it impossible.  Well, maybe it is impossible for a human, but for a 15 pound Shih Tzu it is the perfect challenge.  Apparently. 

So, this brings me to my title… Craigslist.  As I was employing my best strategies and methods, my brain was mentally drafting a Craigslist ad. 


4 year old male Shih Tzu needs a forever home.  Great with kids and other dogs.  Loves to be pampered.  Thinks he’s a princess and expects to be treated as one.  Ideal home would allow him to stay inside ALL the time.  Has previously answered to the name of Mac, current names are not appropriate to share on line.  Contact Mandy or Drew.  Will be happy to deliver immediately.  Free to good home.  Heck, we might pay you to take him.  But, really, he’s super cute. 

Back up plan… Toto and Foose have spent the summer digging a massive hole in the shade on the other side of the house.  Should Mac meet his demise, the big dogs have already prepared his grave. 

I’m this close (imagine a very short amount of time) to lining the bottom of the fence with barbed wire.  I’m pretty sure that would deter them from digging.  Momentarily. 

Okay, I’m joking.  Obviously.  Really, I am.  Hopefully the “I love my dogs” posts on this blog outnumber the “I’m going to kill them” posts.  Today, however, I’m much closer to kicking Mac’s tiny behind.  Today his cuteness is about all he has going for him. 

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