"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh, that was nice

Yesterday was the much anticipated first Saturday of college football.  Drew was in manly heaven!  At one point he was yelling at the television, then he looked up and noticed that the little girl playing in the yard across the street was looking around in concern.  Yes, he gets that worked up and loves every minute of it.  Alex was so happy to be watching football with Daddy. 

photo (16)

Drew and I had plans with friends last night that fell through, but we went on a date anyway.  Actually, it was even better to spend some time with just him.  Uncle Pat & Aunt Big Alex showed up at half time of the Razorback game to sit with Alex for the evening.  You know I’m not big on leaving Alex with just anyone, but I have to give Pat & Alex some major props.  They make an excellent team and in just a few minutes I felt completely confident in their ability to do feedings & medication, handle the physicality of the job and have fun doing it. 

Alex sent me these photos of their fun evening.  They played Sponge Bob Memory and every other game that Alex requested.  She showed them just how smart she is and how hard she works. 


Then there were snuggles… complete with pulling each other’s ears and laughing. 


Dear Pat & Alex, thank you so much for hanging with Alex and giving me & Drew a much needed and appreciated night out.  Oh, and contrary to what my kitchen indicated last night… I do know how to wash the dishes that were overflowing in the sink :) 

What about our date? 

photo (17)

We made the drive to our favorite restaurant in Tontitown just in time for the second half of the Hogs game.  Since pretty much everyone in Northwest Arkansas was at the game, we didn’t have to deal with any crowds.  Unlike everyone roasting at the game in the 95 degree heat… we were nice and cool, relaxing in a booth with some yummy food, big screen televisions and each other. 

After our dinner we drove to the Sleep Number Bed store in Rogers and did a little wishful investigative shopping.  (Our current bed is only 2 years old, but it stopped being comfortable after about 12 months.  You get what you pay for.)  Oh, the wonderful bliss that is a Sleep Number bed!  Put that near the top of our want list :)  Then we just cruised through some neighborhoods in the area that we would like to live someday.  It was just really really enjoyable to spend some time with my husband. 

So, all is good here and since it’s Labor Day weekend, we have Drew all day today and tomorrow is just a bonus.  If anyone is wondering, it is likely scorching hot outside for the simple reason that we drained and disassembled our swimming pool after weeks of too cool for swimming weather.  You are welcome. 

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