"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I felt yucky yesterday.  I woke up thinking it was just my sinus/allergies, but even a Claritin D didn’t make me feel better.  No fever or anything like that, just a pressure headache/congestion and general feeling of yuck.  We put Alex to bed at 7:30 last night and I was in bed by 7:45.  I slept until Alex woke up at 7:15 this morning.  I was really hoping that I would wake up feeling brand new, but I didn’t really.  I did take another Claritin D and did some massive blowing of the nose and feel okay right now.  Not awesome, but not as bad.  I don’t know if it’s just the beginnings of fall allergies or a bit of a cold.  I do know that if anyone else was feeling this way that I would ask them to steer clear of our house.  As it is, I’m just doing the normal stuff, washing my hands constantly and not giving kisses (to Drew or Alex). 

Heidi (Alex’s speech therapist) has had her own congestion problems for the last week.  I hate when people stay away for something that is probably no big deal, but I do appreciate everyone erring on the side of caution when it comes to sharing germs with Alex. 

Our dogs are on a mission to drive me crazy.  I’m certain of it.  Have you seen the photos of dogs with signs that describe their shenanigans?  Dog shaming?  If I had the energy and patience then I would make my own.  I don’t, so you will just have to visualize the shaming of my dogs.  Toto’s sign would say, “I dig holes under the fence faster than Mom & Dad can repair them.”  Mac’s sign would say, “I wiggle out of those holes and make a run for it.”  Foose’s sign would say, “I yelp hysterically to alert Mom & Dad that Mac is out.”  So, yeah, it’s pretty much a group effort.  Drew & I are feeling quite trashy with all of our make shift patch jobs to keep the dogs in the back yard.  As long as we let the dogs stay inside and only let them out to do their business, everything is fine.  If we put them outside for any period of time then you can pretty much bet that Mac will be scratching at the front door in a matter of minutes while Foose alerts the press with his barks & yelps. 

Yesterday I joked Cheryl that I wasn’t sure how we would keep them in the backyard while we are gone all day Friday.  She said she would drive by the house and check on them and take Mac home with her if he was out.  My first thought was that if she takes Mac home then Drew may not let him come back here!  She was quick to point out that this was a one time, short term offer while we were out of town!  Anyway, there is pretty well no getting around the fact that we will have to repair the fence properly.  Very soon.  Part of the problem is that the ground is very soft and we have moles that encourage the digging.  We have talked about all our possibilities and decided that replacing the chain link of our current fence will be the most cost effective solution.  We’d rather have a privacy fence, but that just isn’t in the budget.  We also have to consider how much money we are willing to put into our property if we don’t intend to stay here forever.  If we simply replace the chain link then we can use the existing fence poles.  The new fencing should be secure and Drew will do to that side of the yard what he did to the other side… bury landscape timbers under the chain link so that the dogs cannot possibly dig under it.  Ugh.  The joys of home ownership and being doggy parents.  Let’s be honest… I love my dogs, but they are still dogs and sometimes dogs need to stay outside. 

Hey, did I mention that I repainted the bathroom?  It is a big difference and I like it.  I’m still adjusting to the color, but I think I like it.  No matter, I’m not repainting it again any time soon. 

Before I started painting

photo (20)


photo (21)

before & after of the vanity

photo (19)

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