"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Thanksgiving

Now that I’ve waited a few days to post, I have lots of photos and stories to share.  Get ready. 

My family came on Thanksgiving.  I have tons more photos from this gathering than I did with Drew’s family, and I can only attribute that to my stress level being lower.  All the work was done and I could just relax and enjoy.  Photo summary…

Braeden & Payson

thanksgiving2013 004

Kayla, Tessa, Sasha and Alex playing in the floor

thanksgiving2013 006

Drew carving the turkey

thanksgiving2013 008

Me & my love

thanksgiving2013 009

Tessa & Kayla

thanksgiving2013 012

Braeden, Payson & Poppy

thanksgiving2013 014

Me & Dad

thanksgiving2013 017

The guys spent some time in the front yard with the football.  Drew was teaching Braeden and I was adorable.  Um, I mean, it was very masculine.  Kyle is trying to talk Drew in to coaching Braeden’s football team next year and I’m thinking that is an awesome plan. 

thanksgiving2013 019

Here they are inside, practicing their intimidating faces

thanksgiving2013 034

Braeden, Ken, Mom & Payson enjoying pie for dessert

thanksgiving2013 024

Is that Grandpa smiling?!  Yes, it is! 

thanksgiving2013 032

Misty, Payson and Braeden

thanksgiving2013 036

Alex & Uncle Kyle

thanksgiving2013 037

Sometimes awesome photos like this just happen. 

thanksgiving2013 038

The McCarty gals.  LOVE these ladies

thanksgiving2013 039

Of course, then someone suggested that Misty & Sasha pick me up.  I was taken a bit off guard! 

thanksgiving2013 040

After everyone else left, we got some time with Casey’s kiddos.  Drew & Payson, watching football

thanksgiving2013 043

Tessa got into the wipes and we just let her.  It was too much of an Emma move to stop her. 

thanksgiving2013 048

And… Thanksgiving is over.  I’ve been promising Alex for weeks that we would put our Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night.  Well, imagine my frustration when we went to pull it all out and couldn’t find the tree.  Oh yeah, I was so frustrated and put out with Christmas in general and our pitiful little tree that we took it to the salvation army last year.  Great.  Now what?  Groan… Wal-mart.  I got a tree, and got out of there before black Friday was really under way.  We put the tree up before Alex went to bed, but I decorated it after she was asleep.  I hesitated to do that, but I knew she would love waking up to it the next morning.  This is just a photo from my phone.  Forgive the mess in the background, I didn’t bother to finish cleaning up the Thanksgiving mess before pulling out the Christmas stuff. 


On Friday morning I got up and went mattress shopping.  After months of researching, we knew we wanted one of two mattresses.  The furniture store was not busy at all, I took my time, laid on the choices multiple times, asked questions and made my decision.  They delivered it yesterday afternoon and it is glorious!  Trying out the new mattress together…

thanksgiving2013 051

thanksgiving2013 052

Now for my confession.  I laid down for an afternoon nap on the new bed.  Next thing I know, Drew is waking me up.  I slept four hours!  FOUR.  4.  Quattro.  Four hours.  Oh my goodness!  I don’t think I even moved, and considering how much I’ve tossed and turned to find comfort in the last few months, that is amazing.  I must have been worn out and my body was appreciating the support and comfort.  Drew and I both slept wonderfully last night and we are so thankful for our new mattress. 

After I purchased the mattress yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby.  I found a Christmas floral stem that reminded me of Emma, so I bought it and went to the cemetery. 


Now it’s only Saturday and we still have the weekend together as a family. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your families and friends, I know we did.  God is good. 

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