"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, December 16, 2013


The USPS workers must be working overtime, because we had a package delivered yesterday… on Sunday.  Weird.  Today’s mail just ran and Alex had a package from Big Pam.  Inside the box was a wrapped Christmas gift with a label instructing her to open it now.  She was excited enough just about that.  Excited enough to hug the gift. 

dec162013 005

Once open, we were so excited to find that the gift was a package of snow balls!  Okay, they aren’t technically snow, but they are snow balls.  Plush snow balls for a snow ball fight anytime!  Yeah!  It took about half a second for Foose to be beside himself with joy. 

dec162013 006

Alex was trying to throw a ball and I snapped the picture right before he took it from her hand!  Since that snow ball is now covered in dog spit, we have put the rest of the snow balls up to play with when Daddy gets home and the dogs are outside.  Foose was so excited that I couldn’t get on to him.  I asked Alex if we should let him have one to play fetch and she answered, “Yeah.”  So, we’ve been playing snow ball fetch with Foose.  How fun is that?!  A snow ball fight/fetch without the cold or snow!  That’s my kind of winter time fun :) 

In other news… Rules of Life

Rule of Life #189

Ladies, even the most tedious tasks are more enjoyable if your finger nails are painted. Midnight diaper change that requires dry clothes and bedding?  Somehow the task seems less messy and more delicate when your finger nails are red.  Helping install a new kitchen faucet?  “Oh look, my finger nails sure do look nice… oops, sorry I dropped that tool!”  Pulling a plush snow ball out of the dogs mouth?  Pretty nails will distract you from the sliminess. 

Rule of Life #810

Making an oversized king size quilt is something like fashioning a massive parachute… HUGE and time consuming.  (FYI, it’s going to be great, though!) 

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