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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 26, 2013

McCarty Family Christmas

Christmas Eve evening with the McCarty family…

Everyone was a great sport when we made them dance for Alex’s birthday video.  I think I fulfilled my role as the crazy camera lady… the crazy video camera lady.  Thank you all for humoring us and being silly for Alex! 

I read the story of Christ’s birth from Luke, we prayed and then we ate!  We had more food than we could possibly eat and sent some home with everyone who would take it.  Remember the plush snow balls that I told you about?  Well, everyone had more than enough fun with them.  Yes, yes, that is a snowball in my coconut meringue pie.  Awesome.  I get extra cool points for being okay with the chaos :)

christmas2013 062

That particular snow ball went from the pie to Kyle’s hand and then to Casey’s face. 

christmas2013 067

Casey brushed it aside, where Braeden picked it up and slung it across the room at Drew.  Meringue everywhere! 

christmas2013 065

I had found some fun mustaches and we had fun with those, too.  Don’t you think Payson and Poppy look a bit alike? 

christmas2013 038


christmas2013 058


christmas2013 060

Me giving a serious gaze, wearing a mustache and giving Alex a feeding.  Multi talented, I tell you. 

christmas2013 061

Braeden may be the sweetest little boy ever.  Okay, fine, he is.  Just loving on Alex… and she got him in a head lock :)

christmas2013 068

Grandpa turned 78 on Christmas Eve, so we made him wear a hat.  Such a good sport. 

christmas2013 041

More snow ball fun. 

christmas2013 053

christmas2013 063

Okay, that’s it for the McCarty Christmas.  I love having my family together, all the laughs, hugs and silliness that it entails.  Stay tuned for another post on our own Christmas morning and the Harris family gathering. 

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