"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, December 27, 2013


Where do I start today?  Finish Christmas?  Move on to Alex’s birthday?  Ahh!  So much to tell! 

Let’s continue with Christmas…

Alex was beyond exhausted after the McCarty family Christmas Eve gathering.  She fell asleep in the floor that evening and I carried her to bed.  On Christmas morning Drew & I woke up long before Alex.  I checked on her multiple times and she was breathing, so we knew she was okay and just let her sleep.  She finally woke up at noon and we had our Christmas with her. 

christmas2013 074

christmas2013 075

That afternoon Drew’s family came over.  John was out of town, spending time with his brother who was preparing for heart surgery, but everyone else was with us.  We all made different snack foods and ate all day long.  Of course, we had presents, too. 

Jessica, Big Alex and Aunt Becky. 

christmas2013 077

Action shot of Jason returning Merry Christmas messages :)

christmas2013 078

Jessica snuggling with Alex

christmas2013 079

JR mustache you a question :)

christmas2013 090

Then we had a special visit from the Hardin Family.  I have a Christmas picture of Mollie with my girls for as long as I can remember.  It was such a treat to visit with them. 

christmas2013 089

So why did we have a surprise visit?  Well, let me tell you.  A VERY special birthday present!  Just you wait… a Razorback football!  Not just any Razorback football, though.  The Hardins live next door to the quarterback’s mom & dad and asked them if he would sign the football for Alex.  To their surprise, Mrs. Allen rang the door bell on Christmas afternoon with a football signed by the entire team and coaches!!  Can you believe that? 

christmas2013 087

Daddy might have been equally excited! 

christmas2013 088

Such a special treat and really unbelievable!  Thank you Hardin Family!!!

Christmas Day was really quite difficult for Alex.  She was very groggy and struggling to stay alert.  It was difficult for Drew & I to see her this way, but we were grateful that she was not in pain.  She has always been the kind of girl who appreciates routine and a calm environment.  She enjoys everyone visiting, but it is quite overwhelming to her body and senses.  Unfortunately she gets that from me, but she has so much more to physically deal with than I do.  Thursday was a bit better, with just us at home, a visit from Heidi and then an hour of therapy with Cheryl.  Alex had a much better day, in comparison anyway. 

I guess I should probably take a moment to elaborate on how Alex is doing.  I though that I had been quite truthful about how she is doing, but after so many people visited over the last few days and felt unprepared for how she was doing, I think maybe I need to go further.  Drew & I are always afraid that we are over exaggerating things, but obviously we are not.  Alex has changed a lot in just a few weeks and without the extra medications she is really inconsolable and in pain.  With the medications she is much more comfortable, but they do lessen her awareness and alertness.  This isn’t just an inconvenience, it is a concern that is very real.  For now she is breathing okay and we are just taking it a day at a time.  One moment at a time.  Things are nearing, my friends.  I don’t have a time line, but please understand that our remaining time with Alex is probably quite limited. 

Now, I do not share that with you to worry you.  I am only trying to be honest and prepare you all as best I can for whatever is ahead.  The biggest news is that today our girl is 11 years old!! What a blessing it has been to have 11 wonderful years with this girl.  I shared a link on the last post for you all to see her birthday video.  Feel free to share it and watch it over and over, it really is that great!  We let Alex watch it last night and she was so very happy (and a million times already this morning).  She squealed and waved her arms and loves it so much. 

This morning Alex woke up to a living room filled with balloons and a special rendition of Happy Birthday by Mommy.  We did milk and medications immediately, as always, and then I held her so she could open her gifts.  Thank you to everyone who left gifts for her, she had fun opening them.  Please forgive my attire in these photos :) 

Dec272013 001

Dec272013 014

And from Mommy & Daddy… bras!  Yes, y’all, she’s 11 and this is an appropriate gift :) She was super excited! 

One last of the three of us together…

Dec272013 017

Robert just came by to deliver a gift and give her a birthday hug. 

Dec272013 025 

She’s having a difficult day, pain wise, but she still manages to smile and we are so grateful to be celebrating this special day with her.  Much love to you all and many thanks for all you have done to make Alex’s day special. 


Hailey'sMama said...
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Hailey'sMama said...

May the Lord be with you and guide you and may He keep Alex's suffering to a minimum! We LOVE you all!

Your cousins in AZ