"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Computer Shuffle

We’ve had to play the computer shuffle around here.  Drew had an old laptop with a broken screen, which he had hooked up to a different monitor for me to use in my office for HLT stuff (when that was still active) and for paying bills, etc.  It was the computer hooked to the printer, which is what made it important.  I had been using my little netbook for blogging until John rehabbed a normal laptop for me to use.  That was nice because my netbook really slowed down and struggled when I was taking and storing so many photos.  I had to transfer all photos to the external hard drive regularly to keep my netbook running, since it really isn’t intended for story the number of photos I’ve taken for years.  Well, the old laptop in my office officially died the other day.  Completely.  Nothing.  Thank goodness it didn’t have anything on it that I couldn’t live without.  Drew removed it and took the new-to-us laptop to the office.  It works just fine in there, but we have found out (after much effort) that it doesn’t like the printer.  I guess the printer is so old that it doesn’t even know what to do with the newest version of Windows, or vice versa.  Looks like a new printer might be in our near future.  Since that laptop is now in the office, I’m back to my little netbook for mobility.  I like to sit in the living room to blog (or shop or whatever else I may be doing).  I really like this Dell netbook and now that I’m not taking lots of photos, there is no reason I can’t use it as much as I want.  For the record, all of our videos & photos of our family with the girls are stored safely on an external hard drive.  We are giving serious consideration to making a copy of that hard drive to store elsewhere, since we would be totally crushed if anything happened to those memories. 

So, that’s the very interesting (cough, cough) story of our computer shuffle.  I’m completely aware of what a first world problem that is.  “Oh, I have so many computers that I have to move them around when one little thing goes wrong.  Boohoo.”  What an absurd thing that would be to actually worry over.  Simply ridiculous. 

Drew and I started Focus T25 yesterday.  I guess you could compare it to P90X (they are both sold by the same company), but this is a much more reasonable exercise plan.  25 minutes/5 days a week and little to no equipment necessary.  I think you all know how our previous attempts at P90X went… VERY BRIEF.   Here’s hoping this one is more manageable.  Just because we felt like it, after we did T25 we went outside and played basketball on the neighbor’s goal.  We had a ridiculous amount of fun!  I would say that the money my parents spent on that basketball 20+ years ago was a great investment.  I had so much fun yesterday that I went out and played again today after church.  So, for 2 days I have reached my goal of 30 “very active” minutes.  I was a bit concerned that the Fitbit only registered “very active” for step based activities.  That means that when your arms are moving at a certain pace (like when you are walking or running) then it considers your activity to be “very active”.  The elliptical, jumping, dancing, basketball… mostly the things that get you up and moving at a good pace for an extended time period or… cardio exercise.  That is all great, but what if I’m lifting weights, riding a bike or something where my arms aren’t really moving much or at least not very fast?  Well, the simple answer is.. so what?  My goal of 150 hours of active exercise still stands.  I still intend to do other things that may not count toward the “very active” minutes that Fitbit registers, but that’s just bonus activity.  I so very much enjoy shooting the basketball around outside and that makes it feel like it isn’t even exercise.  This afternoon we were just outside playing and having fun when my armband buzzed (the signal that I reached my 30 minute daily goal).  It was like getting candy as a reward for something I didn’t even know I was doing! 

Now, let me brag on my rock star husband for a moment.  On Friday morning Drew went into the office early to prepare for a phone meeting with some higher ups in the company.  All the other sales staff is in Orlando this week for a sales meeting, but Drew opted not to attend this year, in light of all we’ve been through in the last few weeks.  Well, 8am rolled around and Drew answered the phone, prepared for his meeting.  His boss handed him off to a much higher up and it didn’t take long for him to reveal that this was not actually a meeting at all.  In actuality, Drew was on speaker phone with the big boss in front of 400 of his fellow salesmen!  They called him to let him know that he has been awarded the President’s Club Award for the second year in a row!  His sales stats were great this year and he surpassed his goals by so much that he has been awarded this honor again!  This is really quite a big deal, as it’s rare for a person to receive this honor in back-to-back years.  I’m so very proud of Drew, how hard he worked in 2013 and of this honor that he’s been given.  Oh, I’m also slightly excited that the reward for this honor is a week at The Breakers in West Palm Beach in April!!  Wahoo Drew!  I am officially spoiled to be headed back to the beautiful Florida coast to rub elbows with the rich folks!  I was already a self proclaimed “hotel snob” by preferring the Hilton over anything else.  Well, The Breakers makes the Hilton look like the Motel 6, so Drew might be dealing with a mega hotel snob of a wife now!  Wahoo Drew!  I’m so proud of you! 


Pam said...

Congrats to Drew! What an honor!

mapmom1 said...

Congratulations Drew!!! So proud and happy for you. What an awesome accomplishment.