"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Let’s be honest… I didn’t even know what a doppelganger was until Drew and I started watching How I Met Your Mother a year or two ago.  For those that don’t (maybe someone is as ditzy as I am), a doppelganger is a lookalike… a stranger who looks just like you or someone else you know. 

Last night was Seth Meyers first night hosting Late Night on NBC.  I’m a huge Seth Meyers fan from SNL, so I was excited to watch the show last night.  Of course, we don’t stay up that late, so we set the DVR to record it.  This morning we watched it while we had our morning coffee and I feel a trend coming on.  Does that put us somewhere in the middle of young & cool and old & lame?  Meaning that we are young & cool enough to want to watch Late Night, but old & lame enough to have to watch it at 5am with our morning coffee? 

The show ended with A Great Big World performing their song Say Something. 

Me: (stifle a giggle while pointing to the television and then to my own head) 

Drew: It’s your doppelganger! 

This is even funnier when you consider that after my shower last night I decided to let my hair dry curly.  I’m always amazed at my own curls and last night I was so amazed that I took a picture.  Drew made fun of me for taking a selfie, but now I have recent proof of my dark curly hair.  For the record, I’m not attempting a serious or sexy face, it’s just the look of concentration of making sure my wild hair was in the photo frame. 


Now, the guy from A Great Big World…


I’m really wishing I had been wearing my glasses when I decided to take a selfie last night, because the similarity would be even more obvious. 

Obviously, Drew & I are total dorks for even taking this conversation to the point and I’m a mega dork for taking the time to blog about it.  No matter, we have a good time poking fun at my curly hair.  I think curls are interesting.  I’ve noticed that when I wear my hair curly that I get lots of compliments from women.  They love it and make comments about how they would love for their own hair to have natural curl.  On the other hand, Drew much prefers my hair straight.  I have come to the conclusion that this is because my curly hair isn’t very touchable.  You can’t exactly run your fingers through those curls, even without much hair product.  For example, last night I tried to snuggle up to Drew when we went to bed and we spend more time trying to move my hair out of Drew’s face than anything else.  I finally just moved back to my side of the bed.  Straight hair takes much more effort on my part, but it is much more manageable and tame. 

Moving on…

I have decided to keep my Tahoe.  Drew and I spent a lot of time talking and thinking on a new vehicle and felt very strong about not financing a vehicle.  At this point in time we felt like we simply would not purchase anything that we could not pay cash for.  That gave me a good budget to shop with and we spent a lot of time browsing and researching.  I created my own categories during this process.  Here they are from worst to best, but I won’t provide example so as not to step on any toes…

  • I would rather walk
  • I guess it’s better than walking
  • That’s cute
  • That’s nice
  • Wow, that’s HOT
  • Fancy
  • Oh my goodness, that costs as much as our house! 

We found several viable options, but I didn’t find anything that I was crazy about and within the budget that I’m determined to stick to.  Even more, the ones that I really liked that were just above our budget weren’t compelling enough to stretch or bust the budget.  So… I told Drew that I want to keep the Tahoe.  At least for now.  Drew thinks that I have some sentimental attachment to it.  Maybe I do, but that isn’t the conscious reason for keeping it.  I just feel like I didn’t see anything else out there that was worth it.  Yesterday we saw the 2015 Mustang on a commercial and we both groaned a little.  Perhaps I don’t have the hots for any particular vehicle now because I’m holding out for this next year…


Um, yeah, sign me up for that!  In black, please.  We will see what happens a year from now :) 

Without spending that chunk of money a different vehicle, Drew & I are hoping to replace the windows in our house fairly soon.  That’s been on the to-do list for a long time and hopefully it will soon be done.  We feel certain that we will be staying in our current home for at least a few more years, so that improvement should be beneficial to us in the immediate and also for resell whenever we choose to make that move.  I’m not even ashamed of how excited I am to get rid of these 1970’s, single paned, aluminum framed windows! 

What else?  I have convinced myself that I want to give gardening a try.  I definitely don’t have a green thumb in my genes, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t give it a try.  Christin has always joked that the only thing I can grow is mold on the bread and history only proves her case.  Even so, I have the time and desire and I’m going to give it a go.  I’ve been doing some reading and researching and Drew is going to help me set up a couple of containers soon so that I can have a nice little starter garden to grow tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini squash, etc this summer.  What’s the worst that could happen?  We spend a little money to get started, it’s a bomb and I learn that I’m not a gardener?  That’s a possibility.  OR… I could learn as I go, have some fresh produce this summer and do even better next summer.  I’m hoping for that.  Fingers crossed.  Or should I say green thumbs crossed? 

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