"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I don’t know why I’m writing so early.  I’m almost always up at this time (5am), but I don’t usually feel the need to write. 

Drew and I watched the basketball Hogs play last night.  Hooray for a win!  I’m a pretty big basketball fan and that’s probably because I understand it so well (thanks to my dad, Steve Shoemaker and Coach Krodell for that).  Drew says he loves me for my excitement over basketball.  In fact, he’s on a sweet streak and making note of all the reasons that he loves me.  Aside from how I get in to basketball, he loves that I hand him the remote control when he sits down in the living room.  It’s true that I do that, even knowing that he could choose something like How It’s Made and bore me to tears.  I’m just kidding about that… sort of.  We usually agree on television, but even when we don’t it doesn’t really bother me.  I have way more time to watch what I want lately, so compromising in the evenings isn’t so much of a compromise. 

All week I’ve been spending large portions of my days quilting, so I’ve been watching Mad Men on Netflix while I do that.  I started watching it a year or two ago on the nights when Drew was out of town, but it isn’t exactly a show that one would watch with their child/children so I never got very far into the series.  It’s pretty good and also quite a shock in regards to the relationships & gender roles between men & women so recently in our past. 

Guess what?  It’s still frigidly cold here.  Surprise, surprise.  Single digit temperatures and negative wind chills… sounds like a good reason to stay inside.  Bible study is cancelled today because of the the lingering icy conditions on back roads (and the church parking lot), so I’m staying home.  I had thought about going to get my Grandpa and take him to do his shopping, but I’m delaying it one more day.  Grandpa already thinks I’m a terrible driver, so I don’t care to find out what he thinks of my driving in winter conditions! 

While Grandpa may never praise my driving skills, he does think that I make the best bread ever.  The last few times that I’ve made bread, I make one loaf for us and one for Dad & Grandpa.  Grandpa just raves about it, and not just to me.  You know Grandpa really loves something when he tells someone else about it, so I’m flattered. 

As for my quilt, now that I’m in the middle of this gigantic quilt, it’s quite a challenge.  You see, I lap quilt everything.  That means that I have a 18 inch square PVC frame (sort of like an embroidery hoop) that I use to quilt small areas at a time.  This takes up much less space than a large quilting frame and allows me to sit comfortably on the couch while I quilt.  Most people who lap quilt stick to throws and baby quilts, so a bigger than king sized quilt is, well, a lap full.  Plus some.  Give me another week and I’ll have this thing done… in record time! 

Since we have officially booked the company portion of our trip to West Palm Beach, Drew and I sat down and booked a few more days just for ourselves.  FYI, we will be arriving in West Palm Beach on a Sunday.  Most of the day times will be free for leisure and available activities while evenings are booked with group meetings, parties and dinners.  We’ve decided to take advantage of all the activities available to us throughout the days and will be spending one day on the beach, one day on a catamaran (we loved the ride & snorkeling last year) and one day deep sea fishing.  When the company trip is over that Thursday we will check out, rent a car and drive a bit south for a few more days.  We’ve booked a hotel on Deerfield Beach where we plan to lounge on the beach and explore the area for a few days.  Yes, I know that I keep talking about this trip, but I’m REALLY excited!  Note to self: wear lots of sunscreen this year!  We definitely don’t want a repeat of last year’s major sunburns.  Also, I see some shopping in my near future.  A girl can’t go on such a vacation without new swim suits and sun dresses! 

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