"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 17, 2014

That Was Fun

Late last week Drew and I decided that a weekend in Branson would be a good idea.  Guess what?  It was. 

It was our first trip out of NWA since Alex died and it was a little weird at first.  It’s funny how certain things trigger how much I miss her.  Of course, I miss her all of the time, but some things really stir up my heart… things like leaving home for a few days and not having made plans to take her with us or be away from her. 

Once I dealt with those strange feelings, we had a lovely time.  Scratch that.  It was just plain fun.  You already know that I’m a bit of a hotel snob, meaning that I much prefer the Hilton over the Motel 6.  Thanks to Drew’s frequent business travel and status/perks with the Hilton Honors program, we often stay at a Hilton when we travel.  We found ourselves less than impressed over the Hilton Convention Center, though.  Accessibility, service… and the barking dog in a room down the hall on Saturday evening.  Still, that didn’t dampen the fun. 

We walked, shopped, walked, ate yummy food and walked some more.  How much did we walk?  According to my Fitbit I walked more than 16,000 steps on Saturday.  That’s about 7 miles.  A “normal” day in the life of Mandy is about 5,000 steps.  So yeah, we walked a lot.  We also laughed a lot, exercised our patience in the crowd of President’s Day sale shoppers, did some prime people watching and quietly poked fun at all the awkward Valentine dates.  Yep, that’s a fun Mandy & Drew weekend. 

Also, we are old.  No, not old enough to attend an Elvis impersonator show and definitely not old enough to enjoy such a thing.  We are just old enough that, even on a mini vacation, we are up ridiculously early in the morning.  On Friday night I slept lousy (because old people prefer their own bed and pillow) and then woke up at 4:30am Saturday morning.  I laid there in the bed for hours, telling myself that if I tried a little harder then I would be able to sleep late.  I finally gave in at 7am and walked across the street for Starbucks.  I enjoyed that cool morning air and hot coffee way more than being able to sleep in.  Old. 

I’m proud to announce that I did not get motion sick on the drive there or the drive back.  I really like to take in the beautiful country and old homes along the route, but I have a much better chance of holding down my lunch if I watch the road as if I were driving.  Mission accomplished.  I didn’t get sick. 

Back at home yesterday, Drew and I both cleaned out our closets and dressers and came up with a LOT of things for the church rummage sale that is coming up.  Oh, don’t forget that the weather yesterday was amazing, so we just HAD to play basketball in the street. 

In short, I really have tons of fun with Drew.  We consistently remark about how much we enjoy being together and I consistently thank God for that. 

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