"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who Knew?

I woke up at 3am.  Part of me feels like that is ridiculous (the “should” part), but the other part of says, “Who cares?”  I’m a big girl and I can wake up and go to sleep when I want to.  Even before I was out of the bed I was thinking about H.D. Thoreau.  As a high school student I read his book, Walden, in AP Literature with Mister Burke (whom I have always had great respect for).  It was by far the best class I took in all of high school and I appreciate so many things from it.  For this particular moment, I appreciate being exposed to Thoreau.  He consciously chose to leave society to live in the woods alone for a period of time.  He worked when there was work to be done, ate when he was hungry, slept when he was sleepy and woke when he was ready.  When you look at life with that attitude, things really don’t need to be as complicated as we make them. 

So, I’m up. 

Let me tell you the most dangerous thing about being up at this hour.  No, it’s not my health or daily routine.  It’s not feeling tired later in the day.  It IS infomercials.  I had this problem when my girls were babies.  Being up at strange times of the night and early morning while nursing a baby often meant that I found myself watching lots of world news and infomercials.  Thankfully, we couldn’t afford for me to buy any of that junk at that point in our lives!  This morning I’ve been watching ABC World News Now long enough that the 30 minute cycle has begun to repeat.   Solution… flip channels.  At this very moment I have, at my finger tips, the ability to:

organize my home, style my hair, remove unwanted hair, prevent memory loss, get skin like Cindy Crawford, slim my belly, get a dancer’s body, relieve back pain, rid arthritis pain, whiten my teeth, get a 10 minute at home tummy tuck, airbrush my makeup, target 10 visible signs of aging, mop smarter instead of harder, prevent balding, get salon nails in minutes, buy the best blender, stop snoring, get hip dance moves, go on the easiest dieter ever and… purchase diamond jewelry at discount prices. 

There are probably even more awesome (cough, cough) things out there, but I’ve tired of flipping the channels to find out.  Really though, who knew?  The answer to all of life’s woes was waiting for me on the television at 3am. 

Right now I’m considering just how many television channels we get.  A lot.  It makes me feel indulgent and reminisce our poorer days when we had only a handful of channels that were dependent on a television antenna.  Of course, if it weren’t for our infinite channels then I wouldn’t have been able to write the lovely post for you! 

I think we need to take a moment and be thankful that Thoreau lived and died long ago.  He would surely have plenty to say about all these television channels, all the junk on these channels and all the junk we spend our money on.  Oh yes, he would have a lot to say about all of that and more.  Or maybe he would be so disgusted with it all that he would refuse to dignify it and instead go build a cabin by a pond in the woods and just live his life. 

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